Was Michael Jackson Molested By His Father?

Joe Jackson


Yes, the family talked about it on a talk show


Yes, I saw the show with his family talking about how their father would whore him out to strangers. For the people who flat out say no he wasn’t molested how do you know.

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6 thoughts on “Was Michael Jackson Molested By His Father?

  1. Well we know for sure that Michale’s brother Jermaine was strongly hinting about this. He was even going to write a revealing book about the Jackson family.

    And this is a quote straight from the Rigorous Intuition blog

    http : //rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/2006/03/jackson-50.html:

    “Jermaine even suggested his father may have set up Michael to be somehow victimized by older men.

    He tells how his father would have Michael join in at late-night hotel room meetings with “important business people,” and wondered whether “something happened” to Michael at those sessions.

    He said he sensed something was wrong because Michael would be sick for days after. “What was Joseph doing?” Jermaine wrote.”

    I definitely believe this. Michael ended up incredibly messed up as an adult. It’s obvious he was dissociating a lot, he loved escapism. His father always had very tight control over the whole family(and still does, they are still very afraid to talk about him and what he did)especially Michael. I certainly believe Michael was his main victim. They had very big plans for him from early on, so he was always victimized with all kinds of abuse as a child and older too. Who really even knows when it actually stopped. He was still living with his parents when Thriller came out! He was 24 then…

  2. Oh and I personally believe that Michael himself could NEVER have molested anyone.Those were all lies just to set him up. He acted just like a child even when he was an adult! And usually it’s always the real abusers and users who get away with it, the real monsters like Joe Jackson. You can see it now too, how he’s acting so cheerful and happy only a few days after his son died. He NEVER cared about Michael, or anyone else either, only about all the money Michael would make him. Michael was framed and accused for somethig he didn’t do. And his father always got away completely free with all the sick things he did to his whole family for years. I think he’s like a black Josef Fritzl, a true cold blooded psychopath. Michael was his victim all his life. But then when he started to fight back and rebel they didn’t like that at all. That’s why he was killed.

  3. All of them are some motherfucking piers Michael would not molest those kids and he had kids of his own nor was he a homosexual he liked women I don’t know about Quincy Jones but he has a girlfriend to Michael Jackson was and will always be the king of pop so shut the frack up and know what your talking about and if Katherine knew she dumb for not leaving Joseph at the time if it happened.

  4. When you put someone up on a pedestal (like MJ), you will mentally cover up or deny anything negative that comes out about them. This sycophantic idolization for MJ blinds the fanbase of the actual truth. You can’t deny the fact that he paid out 22 million dollars to keep something out of court… are we to believe that he didn’t do what he was accused of? Most people or celebs would rather fight that out in court if they didn’t do it (i.e., libel case). You only pay if their is undeniable evidence that would come to light that proves you did it. And the parents that take that money are usually accused of being greedy or lying about this to get money… but more often they take the money because they don’t want to subject their child to a court case (ergo ruining the kids like further). Also the fantasy world and liking to hang around kids is obvious red flag to anyone who knows about pedophiles. Most pedophiles were sexually molested themselves as kids, and will be suffering trauma over and over again in their minds by replaying their attacks. Yet when some of these molestation victims grow up they then do a flip-flop mentally because they now look more like their attacker instead of the little child that was originally traumatized. So they seek out kids to fit the part that they used to play. This of course is subconscious.
    I hurt for molested individuals, but when they move from victim to victimizer I don’t sympathize any longer.
    Again there is a lot of smoke that has come out over the years about MJ, and where there is smoke there is fire. In this case smoke is not lies, but is parts of the truth bubbling up to the surface even though everyone in his family is trying to keep it down.

    An Epidemic in the Black Community: It is even worse in the black community where you already have a major problem in idolizing people that are popular but not decent people. I work in a library and whenever kids (any race but black) come in looking for a person to do a report on, they don’t restrict their subject matter to a person of their own racial persuasion. They generally pick someone that was successful in their field or in life for some reason or another. Yet out of the many black kids that come in over the years, I only remember one that wanted to read a book that was about a non black person. He wanted to read about Einstein for his book report assignment. And I remember this kids mother being a decent, well spoken, and educated black woman. All of the rest are only reading books about hip hop artists (with questionable morals), sports stars (with questionable morals), or other activist or hateful persons. The kids gravitate to the boondocks comics despite the fact that they are filled reverse racism (which is still racism and hate mongering). And the majority of the time I see black females (teen and adult) reading urban fiction (Zane, Dickey, K’wan, etc) which is trash. Those books make regular Harlequin romance novels look like good literature. And it isn’t because they are books about black people for black people… it is because they are books that are low brow, and focusing on sex, drugs, thug life and other criminal activity.
    If you are filling your head with books that teach you that you have a right to hate whites, or books that are glorifying criminal activity and what is tantamount to written hard core pornography, then it is no wonder that your children aren’t going to succeed or excel in school, in career, in life.

    All this media focus by the black community towards ultra sexual and criminal materials (videos, books, and music) is why their are so much unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse, criminal activity, and poverty in the black community.

    Take a lesson from Asians or East Indians… they have their kids focus on success and reading about people who were successful in life for actual skills. (Being a great sports star is skirting the line between a successful skill and a popularity contest.)

    By the way I am Mexican (not white, asian, or east indian).
    MJ did do the things he was accused of.
    And the black community should circle the wagons around their victims and not around the victimizers. They should push their kids to succeed, and not ridicule their children when they are successful for “acting white”. (I’ve heard a black parent telling their child this in my library.)

  5. Well I Don’t Know The Full Story But People Say Those Things . Michael Was Framed For A Whole Lot . But If You Watch A Video On Youtube And On Google . It Makes You Hate Joe A Lot More . He Didn’t Admit What He Did . But Jermaine Did . But Joe Will Get His Karma .

  6. Joe was a PED. Rebbie Jermaine and Layota have all said it over 30 year period at diff times. Almost impossible and weird to make up. Joe didn’t allow them to have friends. Didn’t allow them to call him dad he physical also like putting gun to there heads as kids burning there toes. Beating with oil. But guy right MJ tried to change his face because he saw Joe why do you think he was Peter Pan. Because he didn’t want to be abuser deep down. It’s why he took those pills. But his fans act like he’s god. No he was a kid that world allowed to get abused and the ulimate victim. His abuse was to much to handle for a kid and turned into abuser. Also kids abused starting acting out with kids when they younger because the abuser says this is what you do. Than they never get help and it never stops. Profile of MJ 6-7 kids accused him all same age range. After puberty he quits talking to them. No girls have accused him and he once said I love hanging out with kids I love the little boys. It was in 83 and stuck out like a swore thumb


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