MacKenzie Phillips: “I had sex with my father”

John Mackenzie Phillips Incest

by Guest on 23 Sep 2009 15:20

Yet another example of how effed up the entertainment world is. 🙄

Is it a coincidence that the MK ULTRA program and the monarch program looked for girls who had been molested by their own fathers, and had those father’s sell their daughters to the machine in return for avoiding jail?? 💡

Is it a coincidence that Jessica Simpson’s father was so graphic and pervy with her?? 💡

Is it a coincidencethat Miley and her dad have the same icky vibe with each other?? 💡

Or maybe its just happen-chance that Brooke Hogan’s father rubbed suntan oil in her butt-crack in full view of the cameras, like it was the most natural thing in the world…. 💡

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollywood is a system built on perversion and sexual abuse and they look for people who have been ‘touched’ in this way.

This is what ensures that the actors are dissociative, blank slates who can take on any character role or whatever the situation calls for!!!

Bijou Phillips is another sexually abused fragmented girl, who just like many other hollywood starlett’s were born and raised into generational satanic families. She was the daughter of John Phillips the pedophile/rapist who had sex with Mackenzie Phillips’s repeatedly as was told by her a number of months ago all over the news that shocked many people who live in denial.

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6 thoughts on “MacKenzie Phillips: “I had sex with my father”

  1. What you need is real facts and real proof. Just because she had an incestious relationship with her father does not make her an mk ultra slave. She’s not a confirmed mk ultra slave, a lot of people have been raped or take part in sexual relations with family memebers that doesn’t make them mk ultra slaves that makes them phycologically ill.

  2. Women need to stop denying how disgusting and pedophilish men really are. Men will frack anything and anyone. The younger the better. That phrase doesn’t exist out of false history.
    The only thing that stops men from fracking their own daughters or family members is LAWS and jail time. But, even THAT, doesn’t stop them OBVIOUSLY.

  3. stop defending men. listen to your daughters. men are pigs and will frack anything…especially young girls over older women. WE ALL KNOW THIS. stop denying the obvious truth and watch over your daughters very carefully. why would anyone make this up in order to get some money and attention? this incestual poop is sick. john phillips’ wife must feel like a complete piece of poop for marrying such a sick pervert pedophile. men like this shouldn’t be jailed. they need to have their dicks cut off and be forced to eat it.


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