Clint Eastwood a Freemason?

Clint Eastwood Freemason

Clint Eastwood gives the sign of the second veil before he dies at the end of Gran Torino. Clint is a confirmed member of Bohemian Grove. I think it’s elementary that he would be a member of the brotherhood.

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5 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood a Freemason?

  1. no he’s making out like he has a gun so the gangsters will think he carries one ,so at the end they will shot him as he pulls out the surpost gun……….

  2. It’s called “symbolism.” So yes it has a double or hidden meaning. Such as, a gun about to be pulled. But really? If I were making to pull a weapon my hand would be out about to grip not in a nice shape as his is, nor would it be near the top of my abdomen. It’s meaning: The Master of the Sign of the Veil. there are different degrees (or levels of knowledge) in freemasonry this is one of them.

    E.C. (rc)

  3. it highly possible. in dirty harry, his badge number was 2211. if you add 22 and 11, you get 33. which could signify the 33 degrees of freemasonry.

  4. There’s only one master !!
    I hope they can be forgive for trying to Serve two and Allowing themselves to be deceived !


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