GI Joe, Rock & Roll & Subliminal Messages

Read this article by Vigilant Citizen 2 understand 80’s cartoon GI Joe and how it revealed the Illuminati agenda to Generation X:


* “Cold Slither” originated on the G.I. Joe cartoon, where it was both the name of a rock group put together by Cobra in one of their most insidious (and topical, for the mid-80s) schemes, and their eponymous breakout hit. The Dreadnoks portrayed the band members and lip-synced a song (penned by the multi-talented Destro) containing subliminal messages. Upon hearing it, the listeners, including G.I. Joe team members Breaker, Shipwreck, and Footloose, were under Cobra’s power.

[edit] Generation One

We’re cold slither
You’ll be joining us soon
A band of vipers
playing our tune

With an iron fist
and a reptitle hiss
we shall rule!

We’re tired of words
We’ve heard it before
We’re not gonna play the game no more

Don’t tell us what’s right
Don’t tell us what’s wrong
Too late to resist
Cause Cobra is strong

We’re cold slither
Heavy metal machine
Through the eyes of a lizard
In you will dream

JAMES hetFIELD can clearly be heard sAying DEMON @2:44! Was the pentagon/pentagram brainwashing the hapless Russians?

When the venom stings
A new order brings
Our control

[edit] Shattered Glass

Palin 2012

* Like much of G.I. Joe’s stock background music, it was recycled for The Transformers, minus the lyrics, serving as one of two generic source music tracks during the cartoon’s run (although the second, more frequently-played tune, a big-band number of synthesized guitars and trumpets, dates back another year or two to Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, at least).

We’re Cold Slither
Hope you’re joining us soon
A band of vipers
playing our tune

Break the iron fist
with a reptile hiss
Freedom Now!

“Just wait and see”
Shouts the powers that be
I reply: “Don’t Tread on Me!”

Fascism‘s a joke
Anarchy‘s for fools
Just give us a vote
And we’ll choose who rules

We’re Cold Slither
Heavy metal machine
Restore the Constitution
That is our dream!

When the venom stings
A new order brings
Freedom back!

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