Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2

Oliver Stone Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street 2, surprisingly, is not just another Hymiewood poop bomb. The star is a young Jew, Shia Lebeouf, that uses chutzpah to save the day. But, this is a cast of Jews trying their best to tell the truth. I know telling the truth is something alien to a lot of Satan’s kids, but Stone is one exceptionally righteous heeb.

Stone gives a newbie explanation how Wall Street works and there is a bubble theme going on, along with a few Wall Street sayings like Josh Brolin’s hogs and sheep line. Brolin’s father was one of the first Jews to tell the truth about 9/11 on the View.

Michael Douglas gives possibly his last performance and tells us a good lesson about fiat money, tulip bulbs and inflation. The best part of Money Never Sleeps was when old Jew banker Eli Wallach makes bird noises while wearing a Masonic pin. Stone can’t come out and explain what really happened in 2008 without causing another panic and kick starting the apocalypse so I’ll try to explain it to you.

The Wall Street panic started because of bank runs and short selling. If you are a newbie you won’t understand what this is so I’ll do my best to give pop culture examples. There is a bank run in Disney’s Mary Poppins that is synonymous with birds and I suggest watching It’s a Wonderful Life this Christmas to understand how to bailout a bank run.

Brolin’s Goldman Sachs character buys out the Bear Stearns stock at a pittance. This is short selling. Selling a stock high and buying it back at a low price like in that movieTrading Places starring Freemason Schwarzer Eddie Murphy and Canuckistani actor Dan Akroyd. That was a movie produced by Aaron Russo, another righteous Jew that tried to warn the animal goyim about the elite’s plan for a microchipped, cashless society under constant surveillance.

This is a constant theme throughout history — from Roman times to Nazi Germany to present day America. Patriotic Jews try to warn their gentile hosts about the machinations of the moneylenders. Jesus Christ parodied Julius Caesar who was also a victim of the the moneylenders. That is if you believe there was a conspiracy against Caesar, or a conspiracy against Christ.

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2 thoughts on “Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2

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  2. I think ,Eli Wallach plays the role of David Rockefeler or some Rothschilds
    is not Goldman Sachs is JP Morgan Chase they bail out Bear Stern , and Bretton james is Jamie Dimon the ceo of JP Morgan Chase and Gordon Gekko is a mix of
    George Soros and Ivan Boesky. the one hundred millon that made 1 billion (1000 millions) is the remenbrance the beat made by Soros on the brit. pound he earned 1 billion at that thime 90′. that’s why he is in England at the end of the movie

    Hasta la vista.

    Sorry my English is pretty bad.


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