Megan Fox Fired by SS

Megan Fox

Megan fox has been fired from Transformers: Dark of the Moon for calling director Michael Bay “Hitler”. Being a Catholic schoolgirl I don’t think Fox knew about the repercussions of invoking the big H word while being surrounded by Jews like Michael Bay, Shia Lebeouf and SS (Steven Spielberg). This unholy triumvirate of Jews have been trying to get in her pants since the dawn of Cybertron. Michael Bay has been trying to schtup Megan with his shmeckel since Bumblebee was a recycled pop can. He’s been trying to hammer her tukus like Ratchet hammering a loose rivet into Optimus Prime’s metal ass.

Oy Gevalt! After much kibbitzing it looks like the Jews have indeed decided to fire her. Shia Lebouef used his powers of chutzpah to describe Michael Bay as a “football captain” and not a heartless dictator. Way to save the girl Shia! Keep using that chutzpah to save the day!

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5 thoughts on “Megan Fox Fired by SS

  1. This is anti-Semitism in it’s worst form. Why are you so filled with hate Joe? What have the suffering, exiled Jewish people ever done to you? Entertain you with our chosen movies starring chosen actors like Shia? This is filth. I’m writing a letter to the ADL as we speak.

  2. My tia maria gave all her money to Dr. Fishbein to treat her cancer and couldn’t buy me a transformer for Christmas. I cried and cried and cried. I just watched her play solitaire and smoke lucky strikes last christmas while i quietly ate my ramen noodles.

  3. Many lovely ladies have told me what it’s like to work for Steven Spielberg. Whenever his crew comes people say, “Oh oh, it’s SS!” “Here comes the SS!”. Totally like working for a deranged nazi scientist.

  4. Shut up Fishman you fracking kike! Your getting on my fucken nerves. The kid’s aunt is fracking sick. Morris Fishbein took every penny and left her for dead and all you Jews can do is rub your greedy hands together wondering if the undertaker is one of “God’s Chosen” so u can make that last funeral sheckel off her corpse.


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