Lil Wayne WEEZY F @liltunechi Who Runs the Police in New Orleans?

Lil Wayne WEEZY F @liltunechi reveals that the Order of the Mystic Shrine, or SHRINERS, the old farts that wear Fez’s and drive little cars @ parades, run the New Orleans police & Security. U can see their symbol on the police car and armored security truck in the video. A scimitar a moon and a star. Click here 2 see it and pay attention 2 da video. Lil’ Wayne makes the 666 hand sign over his eye also. Someone should get the kids 2 beat the poop out these fuckers next thanksgiving parade. Y do they get electric cars while we proles R brutally suppressed like in DOC film WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR?

Also, at the beginning of the video you can see the symbol of the 18th degree of freemasonry in the bank. Knight of the Rose Croix.

Lil’ Wayne has the crescent moon on his hat. Hmm, when you reach the 33rd degree you are a allowed to join the SHRINERS, or you can join the ILLUMINATI. What is Lil’ Wayne telling us?

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