General Bethlehem Tells it Like it is

THE YEAR IS 2013 AND WE SEE A WASTELAND where walks a bearded Kevin Costner, while a news broadcast from the past is playing in his mind. You can hear the announcer saying, “a rise in hate crimes and racially motivated attacks.” He also mentioned the “Holnist army” and then fades away. We are told that we are looking at the Salt Lake Flats, as dead land is all around.

1. You will obey orders without question.

2. Punishment shall be swift.

3. Mercy is for the weak.

4. Terror will defeat reason.

5. Your allegiance is to the Klan.

6. Justice can be dictated.

7. Any Klansman may challenge for leadership of the Klan.

8. There is only one penalty – DEATH

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