Angelina Jolie’s Crimes of War

Angelina Jolie: Crimes of War

Former heroin junkie and star of Hackers, Angelina Jolie claims she is too dumb to use a computer. It’s evident she is under some sort of Jewish, Illuminati mind control. Iraq will be a radioactive wasteland for the next 5 billion years but Ms. Jolie wants us to cheer as African warlords are brought to justice at the United Nations kangaroo court.

El Presidente George Bush dumped the equivalent of 400,000 Hiroshimas of depleted uranium on Iraqistan. The controlled media is silent as mutant babies with three heads and six fingers are born in Fallujah.

The Empire is victorious in Iraq under the Obamanation and the insurgency under Bush has stopped. The beast turns it’s head towards Iran now and the Zargos oil belt.

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