Eric Cantona on the French Bank Run

Transcription and translation
Nantes 8th October 2010

I don’t believe that we can …. I don’t believe that we can be completely happy when we see poverty all around us. Or we’re living in a cocoon, sealed off from everything … but there is a possibility and something we can do Well, it annoys me a little that there going … oh it doesn’t really annoy me at all Today it’s important to defend ourselves
But today to go out into the streets, what’s that? Today to go out protesting in the streets – what’s that? They turn everything back against you.
Today it’s no longer the way we have to do things.
It’s great to speak of Revolution and taking up arms but you can’t go around killing people

The revolution is really simple to make. The System , what’s the System’s , the System’s built around the Banks …The System is built on the banks
So if you want to destroy the System you do it by taking down the banks
So instead of 3 Million people being in the street waving their thingys, these 3 million people should go to their bank and take their money out, then the banks collapse!

3 Million, 10 Million, 10 Million People, everyone, and then there’s a true threat, and then there’s a true revolution, a revolution should be against the banks, it’s not complicated. Instead of going on the street and doing kilometres in the car to get there, go to the bank, in your village and take your money out – and if loads of people take their money out the banks collapse – no weapons no blood nothing at all, just like Spadgeri (a guy who robbed a large bank through the tunnels one night), it’s not complicated , and then, they’re going have to listen to us differently, Unions… you have to help them with ideas sometimes!!!!

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