Salvation Army Red Shield

Salvation Army Red Shield

It’s interesting to note that 33rd degree Luciferian adept William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, adopted a red shield as a logo for his Christian ministry, now freely operating and endorsed on a worldwide scale. Red Shield is pronounced “Rothschild” in German!

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5 thoughts on “Salvation Army Red Shield

  1. Thanks for pointing out about the Salvation Army and the Rothschild name and meaning. I used to be a Salvation Army officer until I pointed out an error in one of their doctrines. This was in 1969 when I had to leave. Since then I have found more errors in their doctrines and that of the Christian church that have followed the errors of Roman Catholicism and of Judaism.
    Though the devil may have encouraged the colour of the Red Shield of the SA it has done no harm to them I believe but has helped further the Gospel of Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus the Messiah and by following this same Jesus’ words and teachings.

  2. “Red Shield is pronounced “Rothschild” in German!”

    Um…no it isn’t.

    roten Schild

  3. I’m staying in a Salvation Army emergency shelter for homeless men in Vancouver, British Columbia. i have witnessed shelter staff and management making almost daily references, comments, and jokes, etc., about Satanic rituals, beliefs, and behaviours, usually in public areas of the shelter, including the reception areas, offices, hallways, lounge, dorms, laundry room, dining room, and outside on the sidewalks. A staff member recently had a birthday and another staff member asked if he had a birthday cake covered in black candles. Some have made comments about participating in blood rituals. Staff are cocky and righteous in pursuing their membership in their local Satanic group. There are ornate ritual mirrors and a silver deer with masive antlers, and a large symbolic birch tree in one of the lounges. While waiting in the hall, I overheard a staff meeting, and the speaker said “Of course everything we discuss in here this morning is strictly confidential and top secret!” Everything they do is under some lkind of cult-like secrecy, scrutiny, and control. All of this prompts me to make a decision. Do I leave this hypocrisy, darkness, and oppresive environment, and forget about it, or do some intensive research and expose these hypocrites? Many of the staff are alcoholics and drug addicts, often showing up stoned or drunk. God bless them and heal their addictions and ignorance. They hide under the skirt of the Salvation Army, proclaiming their loyalty to Jesus, and doing good works while they secretly worship Satan as their true lord. No wonder I’m feeling stressed out. I guess I still have a conscience. God bless!


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