Avril Lavigne and the Cure for Lyme Disease

Avril Lavigne

Avril was sick with lyme disease. Let us wish her a speedy recovery and post the cure so that no one else has to suffer needlessly. I’m doing this as a mitzvah for the goyim.

The combinations of (Sea) Salt and Vitamin C has been proposed as a treatment for the “very hard to treat” Lyme disease, partially based on the known anti-infective properties of salt.

Since our government has declared salt to be a danger many years ago, there has been an increase in disease and poor health in general.

There are many salt conspiracy theories. India won’t allow iodized salt. Iodine deficiency causes goiters. To this day there are many conspiracy theories about “mixed salt”. They say too much iodine causes infertility. Infowarrior Alex Jones sells nascent iodine by the bottle. If sea salt and Vitamin C cure lyme disease how bad could salt be?

Shalom Dr. F

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