A World Without Cancer

What you are about to watch does not carry the approval of organised medicine. The Food and Drug Administration, the American Cancer Society, and the American Medical Association have labelled it “fraud” and “quackery”. In fact, the FDA and other agencies of government have used every means at their disposal to prevent this story from being told. They have arrested citizens for holding public meetings to tell others of their convictions on this subject. They have confiscated films and books. They even have prosecuted doctors who apply these theories in the effort to save the lives of their own patients.

The purpose of this movie is to show that this great human tragedy can be stopped now entirely on the basis of existing scientific knowledge. The information you are about to watch marshals the evidence that cancer is a nutritional-deficiency disease, like scurvy or pellagra. It is not caused by a bacterium, virus or mysterious toxin, but by the absence of a substance that modern man has removed from his diet. That substance is Vitamin B-17, also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile. If that analysis is correct, then the treatment and prevention of cancer can be made simple. All that needs to be done is to restore that easily obtained and inexpensive food factor to our daily meals. An increasing number of doctors all over the world are now are testing and proving in their own clinics that the vitamin concept of cancer is true.

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13 thoughts on “A World Without Cancer

  1. Fucken Fishman, why you telling us the truth now? 1 in 4 people will develop cancer. I thought your oncologist cousin Moishe was making a killing treating cancer?

  2. Jimmy wants me to post cures or he won’t give me my after work crack & BJ. I cross the bridge into Oakland every weekday afternoon. Moishe is making a killing. After his patients die the family is usually in debt 200K. Hashem gives the chosen profit upon profit. I think you are just jealous you can’t be a Jew. Many are called Derek but few are “chosen”.

  3. You are a filthy kike. Worse than any shiny happy person. shiny happy people are stupid but you are diabolically clever. I hope you fall into a pit of destruction Jew. A pit of your own making.

  4. My Tia is sick with cancer. Fishman posts the cure here but he tells me through email that this is all quackery and that my Tia needs chemotherapy and radiation. DIOS! I don’t know who to believe.

  5. Google ‘Amygdalin’ and you will find that there is no such vitamin as B17 and that ‘Amygdalin’ is another name for Cyanide…which is a well known poison. Is this website trying to kill off the sick even faster? That’s one way to get rid of cancer, convince everyone with it to take poison. Sounds like this conspiracy site has its own conspiracy.

  6. Dr. Max Gerson cured cancer with a diet of fruits and vegetables. What audacity. We the chosen poisoned him with arsenic to stop him curing anymore people.

  7. Dr. Max Gerson was a Jew. You Jews killed one of your own just to stop a cancer cure? What about the commandments Fishman? Thou shalt not kill. I thought you Jews didn’t kill your own kind.

  8. You forgot to tell us not to take Vitamin B-17 pills with tap water. Tap water is Jew water, the one that is recycled from Jewish showers and that they give Goyim to drink. Tap water is “chosen” armpit water, ass water, nostril water, jewish dandruff water. Jew water is bad for you. Don’t drink it.

  9. I agree with you. Especially with fluoride in it. Nasty Jew water. Fluoride was first given to Jews in Nazi concentration camps. It made them docile.


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