End of Days for Sex Slave Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger X Mass 199

It seems Arnold is only a mere mortal and not the superhero we all thought he was. He has 32 mistresses and 3 bastard children just short of the masonic 33. Maybe AAhhnold never took the thirty third degree who knows. 33 degrees is when you get bitched out for your wife or daughter if they are hot. The masons can all rape your wife or daughter with the Illuminati ever Xmas/CHRISTmas. ASK OJ!

peace out neGroids and neGrettes – Sweet Jimmy’s Ho is waiting for him. Lickable Laura needs some attention. She’s been ho’d out for crystal meth 1 2 many times.

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11 thoughts on “End of Days for Sex Slave Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. The use of semen in divination rituals – most commonly done by reading the patterns formed after giving someone a ‘facial’.

  2. Sick motherfuckers. Like that Caligula movie where the old babooshka gets ten young men to jizz on her body.

  3. I want to know now. What’s ritual semency. Please tell me Jimmy I’m not too young. I’m almost 10 years old. I was born on september 11th 2001.

  4. NO MOTHAFUKKKA! U r not tellin’ the kid what ritual semency is. frack paco, I mean fudge paco, has your aunt maria ever read tea leaves or coffee stains to you and told your future? It’s sort of like that but..

  5. I know exactly what u r talking about now. I’ve been watching pornography since I was six years old. My favorite porn film is Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee on vacation.

  6. See…the kid knows. 6 years old like every kid kind of figures out when watchin’ panty hose commercials. Paco when u around 13 u will have a sex dream and suprise suprise is what you’ll find in your spiderman bedsheets.


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