David De Rothschild: Better than Jesus

David De Rothschild - JESUS!

Here we have a picture of our chosen messiah David De Rothschild. We God’s chosen have decided that David is better than Jesus. Was Jesus a billionaire? NO! Did Jesus float on plastic bottles to save Earth? NO! Did Jesus save the world from global warming on 777 like our chosen messiah David? NO!

David, Moshiach ben David to the goyim, is better than Jesus in every way. He will rule you stupid goyim cattle from the rebuilt third temple in Jerusalem and you will love it! His carbon tax to save earth will be loved by all. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Madonna and the rest of our chosen celebrities will worship him and say he is the reincarnation of Christ. What more proof do you need that the man is Christ other than his long hair and beard? I know I’m convinced.

Dr. F

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47 thoughts on “David De Rothschild: Better than Jesus

  1. Are the goyim really this stupid Fishman? I remember on 777 they were clapping like they lost their goddamn minds. His stupid global warming booklet didn’t save the world nigga. You really think rich folks put on a sweater during cold winters? They turn up the heat nigga cuz they can afford it.

  2. Why waste your time worrying about global warming? You should be out cheering on that local sports team and getting laid. GET LAID!

  3. If there is one thing we the Jews know is that the Goyim are infinitely stupid. Enormously stupid. Give them a case of beer and a local sports team to root for and they will live happily in their Ford Pinto while we the chosen forclose on their homes with our chosen banks.

  4. What are you sayin’ Fishman? I’d gladly give up my home for a local sports team. They’re the local sports team! I’d take a bullet for the local sports team. I’d gladly live in my van and get laid by the cheerleaders. There’s nothing like a case of beer, the local sports team and getting LAID!

  5. In our chosen Torah given to us by Hashem we the chosen banned the Greek gymnasium. Read our bible goyim. Do you think we the chosen don’t participate in sports because of Anti-semitism? think again goy. These Israeli sports teams are a ploy that lulls the Goyim into complacency. We the Jews have never had a sports team before 1948 and the creation of Israel. We prefer to count how long it will take for our chosen bank accounts to compound using the rule of 72. Keep betting with our chosen bookies on those local sports teams goyim. All the big games are rigged. Just like when Arnold Rothstein rigged the 1919 World Series.

  6. frack you Fishman. There’s life and death and the local sports team. The local sports team is much more important than life and death.

  7. Panem et Circuses. Bread and Circuses my goyish friend. Give the Goy a team to root for and some moldy bread and they will be content. Think about it Jacob. Why does the USA have so many sports teams? The rest of the world watchs soccer but the US watches soccer as well as basketball, baseball and football. Think about it Jacob.

  8. You crackerz make me want to vomit. It’s always the black man running around getting his motherfuckin’ neck broke on the football field. Jake’s gotta one track mind and severe attention deficit disorder. Your thinkin’ with the wrong head Jake.

  9. The Rothschild Dynasty makes money off of both sides of every war. World War I never should have happened but the Rothschild banking cartels wanted money and power plus an excuse to build a league of nations!

  10. I’m sure David can cure your aunt’s cancer Paco. All you have to do is worship him in the third temple in Israel.

  11. The cure for cancer is a trade secret. We God’s chosen kept it a secret for 50 long years until “Sweet” Jimmy pistol whipped it out of me. All u need is some baking soda to make your body alkaline and apricot seeds. You crack them open with a nutcrackers and eat the kernal. The chosen FDA told people that the seeds are poisonous but that is all nonsense. The seeds are poisonous to cancer cells. WIN! + 1 billion cancer related deaths chalked up in the talmud thanks to the marrano Rockefeller’s/Rothafel family.

  12. But Dr. Fishman my Tia Maria’s hair is all falling out from chemo. I thought chemotherapy killed cancer not stupid apricots seeds.

  13. Too bad Paco, them’s the brakes or so they say. Hey Fishman this GHB date rape drug isn’t working. Some of the lovely ladies have been waking up in the middle of our love making. You got anything better in the ol’ medicine cabinet?

  14. Dr. Fishman is lying. My tia’s doctor told me chemotherapy is medicine. chemotherapy will make her well again. I have faith in God that he will save my tia. I pray to god every day to save my Tia. Dr. Fishbein at the hospital told my family radiation and chemotherapy will cure my tia.

    Please Jesus save my tia! i’ll pray to you every night once in english and once in spanish.

  15. Paco, Paco, Paco, your doctor at the oncology ward is Morris Fishbein the IIIrd. His grandfather was studying at clown college before he decided to get into medicine because it was more lucrative. You might think I’m joking but I’m telling you Hashem’s honest truth my little wetback friend.

  16. Paco your story is bringin’ a tear to this cop killin’ gangsta ass nigga’s eye. FISHMAN! u remember that pistol whipping i gave u? that time i took your gold tooth and made u watch schindler’s list after loosening it with my glock? That is what’s waiting for u next time u pick up your crack rocks from Oakland nigga. U either cure Paco’s aunt or I’m takin’ out another gold tooth u fuckin’ gefilte fish eating white devil crakkker mothafukkka.

    Don’t get me started on Jewish dentists nigga. Y do u think Jews get gold teeth and the gentiles get amalgam mercury poison in their fillings. U make me sick FISHMAN!

  17. I’m about to scarf some cheeseburgers bro. Don’t know if I should get Wendy’s or Mcdonalds. What’ the healthy choice Dr. Fishman?

  18. Woodchipper? Strikng a Jew is like striking God! As for you Moniz I would go for an Adam Richman hamburger on Man vs Food. Those Big Macs are not satisfying for a man of your girth.

  19. “Dr.” Fishjew, if Satan were not your father, I would agree with you but you do not have the same God I do. “Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do” ~ Jesus Christ !!!


  21. david rothschild is the antiCHRIST . MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SINS IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN

  22. In 2002, de Rothschild studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London where he received an advanced Diploma in Natural Medicine, ND.

  23. Shut the frack up Paco. I don’t want to hear your fracking wetback sob stories. GO back to Mexico!

    Let me tell you a story about our neighborhood grocery store. Arthur Mill ran that store since we were kids here. Dave worked there, Mike worked there. He went under and now some fracking Korean’s who fired theses guys and he’s making a killing ’cause he’s hired forty fracking border-jumpers. I see this poop going on and I don’t see anyone doing anything about it. And it fracking pisses me off.

  24. This is sick, man. just sick.

    The Israelis /fracking children of Jerusalem have long lost their right to the land of Jerusalem when they refused to follow Prophet Moses during his preaching on The Book of Torah.

    Did you forget the Nile River tragedy when the fracking arrogant Pharaoh Ramses refused to obey to Prophet Moses’ revelations. And not to forget, it was Archangel Gabriel did all the deeds into bringing you fracking stubborn Jews back to the arms of God.

    Lucifer conquered Babel (Babylon, Iraq) while teaching witchcraft and framed King Solomon of the falsehoods of Ars Goetia (Lesser Key of Solomon) was not written by him, NO PROPHETS OF GOD WERE SENT BY HIM WITHOUT HAVING HIS PERMISSION TO TEACH US ANYTHING. No prophets would teach us satanism.
    Satan was the one who taught satanism. Otherwise, it would be called satanism, stupid. And by the time you ‘GOD’S CHOSEN CHILDREN OF ISRAEL’ followed satan’s teachings, while the two angels (Harut & Marut) came as a trial in your presence, guess what? you chose satanism. And started worshiping idols again.

    You promised to, after God had saved you from the Nile River tragedy, that you would follow the prophet, and that you’d agree to worship God again. But frack it, you didn’t. You’re so fracking stubborn I don’t know why. You’re the most stubborn creatures of all humankind.

    God gave you guys the land only if you agreed to follow the prophet.

    Each time you ignored His blessings and warnings, He dumped you with a big fracking pile of torment and disasters. But you guys never learned.

    Lucky enough you managed to survive in the ancient times because of His great Love. But in the end you forgot about him, worship idols and frack it all up.
    You’ve made yourself unworthy of His trust and that you’re mad because He finally have gotten sick of you and so He ended His love and security for you and your fracking descendants. And that’s when you have lost the right to the land.

    You should be fracking grateful that God still ‘multiply your seeds from Abrahamic lineage’ and didn’t demolish your whole corrupted souls with the HUGE MOTHERFUCKING FLOOD during Prophet Noah’s period.

    frack you if you think you’re still the chosen one.

    Whoever receives his guidance to do good to others, perceiving love not hatred or war are the real chosen ones. Not some fortune-power greed elites who worship satan’s ass just to get some recognitions in this world.

    And one more thing asshole, you’re no longer God’s chosen.
    You’re Satan’s chosen. Go read ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the books of the prophets you sick frack.

    frack you. a big fracking middle finger for you.

  25. this is exactly the kind of disharmony between concerned individuals they want, the fuckin sick paedo capito-fascist psychopaths.
    shine light on the darkness.
    we are many, they are few.

    but war is upon us , i’m afraid.

  26. You Jews don’t have fingernails. You’re salamanders. Why don’t you throw yourselves out of the window and boil your shoes to destroy evidence? You’ll do us Goyim a favour.

  27. Max Gold, I would tell you to go have a haircut but then you don’t have hair. Go find some toupee tape and glue some chimpanzee hair to that scalp of yours, then come back and talk like a man, if you can. By the way, that chimpanzee attack in the newspaper, was it you?

  28. This is the most bizarre thing I have ever witnessed in my entire time upon this planet. When you look at the will embodied by humankind, it is little wonder our planet is headed towards annihilation.

  29. Jimmy and Dr Fishman, absolute legends on this page, So funny !!
    Paco, I hope everything worked out well for you and your Aunt, gran, whatever …..
    David de Rothschild is a boring rich boy, not fit to lace Jesus’s sandals, not that Jesus had laces on his sandals, but if he did ….. (to be continued)

  30. Haha this site is full of con mans trying to appear as persons with different sightings.. We got all kinds of foolish characters here, around 90% of them are at the same side trying to twist words to confuse people. Sad if anyone believes this bullshit. The only thing here that might be true is that David Rothschild is a con man with very evil intentions to the people of the world. He’s just another greedy rich guy who follows the “plan” that’s bigger than themselves as they think about it.. BTW it is bigger than themselves in the way that they can’t handle it. You are going down, hard. No doubts.

  31. Dr. Fishman, First off, I am a born again follower of Jesus Christ. The Jews were chosen…to bring the Real and True Messiah into this world, the Lord Jesus Christ. This could very well have been another different race, but because God saw Abraham was righteous and worshipped the one true living God, he made his seed (you guys) as plentiful as the sands of the earth, and/or as the stars in the heavens. You guys really missed it, not all of you, but most of you when your leaders in the time of Jesus, had the Romans crucify him, the Messiah. If you want to be bitter to someone because of your peoples’ plight throughout history, you should start with yourselves because you had LOVE with you and you Killed HIM. This is why you lost your nation in 70 A.D. thus placing your people in the diaspora. Maybe you should read Revelation, the last book of my bible because everything you are following is spoken of right in this book. Accepting another in place of Christ, having him rule from the third temple, this is all spoken of. One last thing , “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18. Trust in Jesus and repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand and I love you and your nation and thank you for your contributions to our world most importantly, bringing in the Messiah. I don’t want you to Perish in Hell for eternity.


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