Adios Apocalypse 2012!

Adios 2012!

Well it looks like the party’s over and the Illuminati are looking for new planets to conquer. You can watch Jesse Ventura stumble around Denver’s New World Airport here.

Jesse doesn’t put 2+2 together and realize the Americans have built a space ship during the cold war. The Russian probably have built one as well like in the John Kusack movie 2012. In the movie, the space ships aren’t space ships but some kind of shitty Apocalypse life boat.

If you want to get off this rock with the Illuminati you gotta pay the price. Show up at the Denver New World Order airport with your suitcases of worthless currency, or show up with Cuban cigars like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Show up with something useful like Plutonium and see if you are on of the chosen 144,000. The ship comes back in 2094 but you will not age like the worthless eaters because of the law of relativity. All your family will be dead but you will live on useless eater. That is if you are one of the chosen few.

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4 thoughts on “Adios Apocalypse 2012!

  1. What do I need to get on this ship? Does it have a bridge like Star Trek Next generation? I can get a suitcase full of GHB for all the ladies.

  2. I don’t consider myself a sexual predator in the same way u r jake. Nigga has gotta eat. Witout my ho’s i’d be starving to death nigga. My ho’s be my salvation. That’s why i never force them to get abortions or beat them down. In Oaktown they call me the world’s nicest pimp.


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