Madonna Another Slave of The Martinist Illuminati Working for Brother Rui Gabirro

Madonna Illuminati Jacket

by Leo Zagami, Illuminati Refugee, Oct 27, 2006

Last March after getting more and more upset with the way things were going in the P2 illuminati manipulation game and the Regular Grand Lodge of England project, I got a strange phone call from the Grand Secretary of the RGLE, the illuminati Jesuit CIA inspired agent Bro.Rui Gabirro (Grand Master of the Ordre Martinist Synarchique) who told me he was with Madonna in her flat in London and they wanted to invite me to join them as soon as possible to discuss the possible opening of a new masonic Lodge in her Cabalistic circle. Rui said Madonna (already a Martinist) could be Worshipfull Master of such Lodge, and I personaly loved at the time this kind of Cagliostro Theatre with idiotic VIP’s.

It was quite obvious for me and my wife that this latest offer was made in the attempt to keep me cool by American intelligence and the illuminati knowing my passion for music and the arts, and at the same time the possibility for them to further manipulate illuminati slave Madonna and keep her busy with a few more cabalas in the coming years. Well this is my truth and my experience with Madonna in the illuminati , later that week Rui was still with Madonna recording an interview about Freemasonry and Cabala in her studio but I never went there and Im happy about it because she is unfortunately a satanist at the moment just like her evil Masters.

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