Richard Linklater Spreads the Word

Richard Linklater

Acclaimed writer-director Richard Linklater, currently riding high on the favorable reception of A Scanner Darkly and best known for his 2003 production School of Rock, has publicly slammed George W. Bush as a “Yalely frat boy” who is in over his head and more corrupt than Richard Nixon.

Linklater also says that his efforts to disseminate documentaries which point the finger at the US government for involvement in 9/11 have changed paradigms for several A-list Hollywood stars – including Bruce Willis…

…Saying his film was a political statement, Linklater said that the abuses of the Bush administration were, “So extreme that people don’t even know what to do – how do you comment – how do you voice your opposition?”

…A Scanner Darkly, an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick book that includes themes of total surveillance and the loss of freedom, is set in the short-term future after the US has lost the war on drugs. Starring Keanu Reeves, Wynona Rider, Woody Harrelson and Robert Downy Jnr. – the film is enjoying positive reviews as it slowly rolls out across the country…

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