Jews: Satan’s Kids?

Marilyn Manson and Anton Lavey

The found of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, was born in Chicago, Illinois to Jewish parents. Marilyn Manson is both Jewish and bisexual. Is Marilyn Manson to blame for the Columbine killings? Columbine’s Trench Coat Mafia was formed to protect Jewish kids. One girl was shot because she was holding a bible. When kids put 13 crosses on the Columbine lawn, local Jewish groups had them removed.

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12 thoughts on “Jews: Satan’s Kids?

  1. Marilyn Manson is NOT Jewish. His real name is Brian Warner. Manson was originally from Canton, Ohio and was raised Christian. Neither of his parents are Jewish.

  2. Mansons surname, Warner, is a Jewish name. Marilyn Manson, AKA Brian Warner, was born of Jewish heritage.

  3. Marilyn Manson(Brian Hugh Warner) is in now way Jewish nor bisexual. Manson was raised in Canton and although his name is Jewish from his great grandparents to his parents they were all Christians, although his parents did not follow the religioun very devoutly they sent him to a christian school throughout his childhood. At first he was extremely into it, in fact it was young Brian who took the famous “Angel in the sky photo”. Gradually, however, he fell out of it and thought it was more and more ridiculous. It was after Manson met LaVey in Florida, shortly before he died, that Manson became a “Satanist”.
    Also the bisexual comment is completely absurd simply because he is attracted to women, he was married to Dita Von Tese a former play boy bunny and is in an ongoing relationship with Rachel Wood, a young actor. he has had some obscene things in his career but obscenity is one of mansons mediums as an artist. He is a straight man that wows audiences and makes them start these obscene rumors. None of this artical is in anyway plausable or true. Nor is my comment obsession or anything, simply reading his book “Long hard road out of hell”,it’s all spelled out. stop the idiocracy and know something before you start publishing to those nieve enough to believe it.

  4. Yeah buddy. You obviously have something against the Jewish people for wanting to get this slander out. For shame you conspiracy-peddling nut

  5. Google won’t pay me cuz of this Jew poop. Pointing out that Marilyn Manson is a Jew like the Warner Bros. Studio gets your funding cut off. C’mon Jewgle give me my fcking 200 bucks. don’t Jew me out!

  6. Marylyn is a Jew name- everyone knows this. He’s pure Jew- you can tell. I bought my trailer from a Jew- it leaks.

  7. Funny a guy with a name like “Joe” (a variant) of Joseph (which is originally a jewish name) is calling anyone jewish, Another thing is “Warner” is Germanic and Manson has stated his side of the family with the last name Warner is German/Polish. so STFU. Jews steal last names. Warner brothers changed their last name to Warner from Wonsal.

  8. Marilyn Manson a.k.a. Brian Warner is NOT Jewish. None of his family were. He has NO Jewish background what-so-ever! He has German, English and Irish ancestry! And who care’s if he’s bi-sexual? Although I highly doubt it. He’s no bi-sexual.


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