Brian Austin Green’s Illuminati Shirt

Brian Austin Green Illuminati Shirt

Brian Austin Green with Megan Fox wearing an Illuminati shirt. Megan Fox is rumored to be a sex slave owned by the studio. Do you think he minds sharing her with those perverted old Illuminati Jews?

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One thought on “Brian Austin Green’s Illuminati Shirt

  1. I can confirm your suspicions. I am an electronic harrassment victim and she has been in one of my dreams. Believe it or not they have implants that can control what you hear and see in your dreams and I have been an implant victim since 2000 and the upgraded implants in 2006 are able to manipulate your dreams.

    I really pissed her off in my dream, I held out my hand to shake hers after asking where my wife was, and when she walked away I had commented how fat her arse looked compared to my wifes…

    From my brief meeting with her she seems like a stupid conceited broad


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