Megan Fox: Owned by the Studio

Megan Fox - Monarch

Megan Fox’s creepy Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Marilyn, the original Presidential model.

Is Megan Fox owned by Fox studios? Is Fox her real name? I remember seeing her on the Family Channel before her plastic surgery. She seems to idolize Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was the first sex slave to reach celebrity status. Since the days of Marilyn Monroe the studios have been breeding monarchs to work at the studio.

Megan’s tattoo says: “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.” I think this quote means we will all laugh at the MK Ultra sex slaves in Hollywood. Megan is Angelina Jolie’s replacement just like Selena Gomez is the original Selena’s replacement. Megan married the Jew from Beverly Hills 90210 Brian Austin Green. Do you think she loves him for his wigger rap video or because he has her programming instructions from Fox Studios?

Although I’ve never felt the need to Jake to topless pics of Megan Fox, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all wanted to shtup Megan. Dr. Fishman says he really like her tukus and if I ever meet her in the club he’s got a special dose of GHB for me to put in her drink. Meet me at the club Megan! Bottle full of bub!

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One thought on “Megan Fox: Owned by the Studio

  1. Jake if you bring her by my gated community I’ll give you just the right dose to make the bouncer think she drank too much and BAM! shtupped with my shmeckel!


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