Beyonce Runs the World Part 2

Beyonce Black Horse

Beyonce’s Who Run the World? Girls video opens up with Beyonce riding a black horse which symbolizes famine in Revelation 6.

Beyonce Tree Nature PBS

We can see Queen B is in Africa by the tree in the background. The same tree PBS’ Nature show has.

Beyonce Revolution

A lot of imagery has been edited out that was in Beyonce’s previews. Revolution is only shown once in the official video. The red Illuminati pyramid has also been removed.

Beyonce Woman Crucified

Here we see a woman crucified like Christ. Women today are forced to have abortions because of planned parenthood and the 0 population growth agenda.

Beyonce Queen of Sheba

In this scene Beyonce, the Queen B, is dressed as the Queen of Sheba. The Queen of Ethiopia who married King Solomon.

Beyonce Lion of Judah

Beyonce and her girls are protected by the Lion of Judah. You can hear “We’re with Jesus” being sung subliminally in the background.

Beyonce Hyenas

Here we have Beyonce with two chained Hyenas. In Hyena society the female is larger and more aggressive than the male. Also on the street sign it says TBLISI. This is a former Soviet republic that had a “Rose Revolution”, a George Soros inspired flower revolution. Revolutions usually have a flower or color when backed by professional billionaire revolutionaries like Darth Soros.

Beyonce Pay Me

In this scene Beyonce tells the Illuminati to, “frack You, Pay Me!”. Her left earring makes an Illuminati pyramid. The Illuminati want an atheist global Communist revolution with a world dictator at the helm. Probably a Rothschild bastard son like Joseph Stalin.

Beyonce Gadafi

In the closing scene Beyonce takes the next Colonel Gadaffi’s medal off his breast. Beyonce got paid a million dollars to perform for an hour by the Gadaffi family. Gadaffi runs Libya with a strange mix of Islam and Communism. It is the longest running dictatorship in the world. Gadaffi has been in power for 47 years. He is Jewish on his mother’s side just like Fidel Castro. Libya is one of the 4 nations on earth without a Rothschild controlled central bank. Sudan was just divided in two so I’m pretty sure one half has a central bank. North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Libya are the only nations still holding out against the Rothschilds.

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8 thoughts on “Beyonce Runs the World Part 2

  1. Wow I love Beyonce shes oviously fighting for the greater good of africa and the world and the songs really nice for males and female and gays and lesbians it empowers all

  2. First of all this video was not shot in Africa, it is shot in California. I’m so sick of all this Illuminati conspiracy theory bullshit. THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Get a life and stop hating on Bey.

  3. Yal don’t seem to be getting the whole point of this blog, Beyonce is being exposed of taking part in the illuminati cult, Beyonce is a devilworshipper, nobody is hating on her, its called stating facts


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