Beyonce Runs the World

In Beyonce’s new teaser Run the World (Girls), we see a red Illuminati pyramid with pictures of communist revolution. China, North Korea and Africa all point at America ready to attack like in the horribly bad Charlie Sheen movie Red Dawn.

In a 2002 book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation, feminist historian Kate Weigand states: “ideas, activists and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women’s movement of the 1960s and later.”

The battle of the sexes is over and clearly girls have won. American men have been feminized to the point that wearing pink on friday is now mandatory. The Justin Bieber generation of men wear just as much hair product as women. Ryan Seacrest is the new standard of manliness with his bleached teeth and immaculate hair. The new generation of American men have been brainwashed into pussydom. Clint Eastwood called the new generation the flower generation. I think he’s right.

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10 thoughts on “Beyonce Runs the World

  1. As a grown woman, I have to agree with you, about these feminine males, I cannot bring myself to say men, because they’re almost aren’t any REAL men, in this new generation the ages of males age 60 to the male teenagers of today aren’t men, this is evident if you look around you, men like you said where pink, a girl color they put on girl babies when they are born, the way they won’t take care of these kids they make, on the maury show, and the way they dress up in dresses, make-up, high heels, purses, attitude on the heterosexually challenged show Rupaul’s drag race, he even dressed his 3 biological sisters up in drag, I saw that episode because I wanted to see if they would go for it and they all did, how they don’t want to go to work, how they want flowers, they won’t help you if you are moving something heavy, like a suitcase, or furniture, they will hit a woman in a minute or a cat or a dog, but another man with a penis like them no way, they lie, steal, and cheat, all of the real men are leaving either by going to other races of women, because they were rejected by their own race, my own brother doesn’t like his race of women, he only likes asian woman because he has brought into the bull-poop that they are docile and will kiss a man’s ass, not any of the asian women I know, I remember when a man was a man, when they would hold the door for you, and fight for you if anyone disrespected you as a woman, where are the real men, I have no idea, I wish they would come back and kill all of these fake males.

  2. on beyond brain-washed, devil worshipper, yeah I said it, because it’s true, this chick saying that girls run the world, what world the devil world she lives in, because the world I live everyday, women are getting raped, stabbed, shot, beat sometimes to death, sexually assaulted in public, groped on public trains, buses, kidnapped, held as hostages, what the frack is she talking about running the world, men don’t respect women, I can say this because look what is happening in the world right now, 2 idiotic white men in 2 states are all up in a woman’s uterus, and womb, telling us that if we have an miscarriage we can go to jail for murder, stay the frack out of my vagina, it is painful enough being a woman in a world that doesn’t respect us to this day, and then have some brain dead moronic male say that, and try to pass a bill on it is ridiculous, and the other dumb ass is going after women on welfare all up in their vagina’s to stop having kids, and they will pay them to stop, If we was really running poop, both of these so called males momma’s would of had an abortion and their broad asses wouldn’t be here to talk that poop, excuse me for the cursing/cussing but I am personally tired of men of all races, ages trying to tell me what to do with my vagina, it’s mine I don’t tell you what to do with your smelly, dick, and balls, and the skid marks in your draws, because you won’t be getting no pu–y from me, I love men, but I love the ones who let me be me a naturally born women, and let me make all the decisions when it comes to my vagina.

  3. They say there is power in the flower, if that is really true, trust me on this, if your momma had to do it all again your ass wouldn’t be here.

  4. Women have got the killer instinct nowadays. It was women who poisoned Joseph Stalin. Everyone else was too afraid.

  5. Obviously girls haven’t won because you still use blatantly sexist language to criticize men. “Pussydom,” really?

  6. No sex in Iraq for the American Military. The commanders are afraid they’ll get their cocks cut off. What happened to the good old rape and pillage of Vietnam?

  7. A cock, like a cold hard missile seeks the emptiness of space (the vagina) before it releases it’s payload and fills the universe with life much like the big bang nigga. If u FEMALES can’t handle the role of the sexes. PEACE!

  8. To Michelle:
    One man using sexist language has nothing to do with women winning or losing “the battle of the sexes”. Even as a woman, I think “pussydom” is rather clever, and says it all. Lucky for me, I married a man who can fix a car, hunt his own food, knows how to eat healthy, is a great athlete, a hard worker, and knows what it means to be a man of God all at the same time. I’m 22 and will say most guys are total pussies, which is why I was thrilled to meet the one I have now. Just because someone made a word choice doesn’t mean that you have a point. Something I would like to add too all of this, though: The only reason our world is comfortable enough for women to be “equals” is because of the nation that our nation’s past men have built; from the hunting, house-building, and fighting they did to provide for the women and children in their lives during the beginning of our nation all the way to the corporations that they have built today that provide women with jobs. I’m not saying that I would love a fallout, but it would show the idiot women of today what it really means to survive on your own. Defense and self-sufficiency are not easy, and the feminists of today would be weaker than ever in a world where they had to use skills that men, at least the men of the past, have primarily posessed.

    ALSO: Women think it’s demeaning to admit that men have always been providers. If they would quit being so blind and actually taken a look at history, women had to do a hell of a lot of work as well on the old homestead, or in the house as a housewife in the 50’s. THERE IS NO SHAME in caring for a family and keeping a home. Most men have no problem that they would need or want a women to cook, care, and be a team with them. Why is it so hard for women to admit that it would be nice to have a man around the house to do the handywork, be the breadwinner, and provide??

  9. Men and women are both working these days and barely making enough to pay the mortgage, never mind pay jr.’s college tuition.

  10. Run the world is all about the spreading of the spirit of Jezabel among the nations. The devil want to destabilize the families, doing so, he just push the button to the wrong place…


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