Justin Bieber: Haarp Hero

Justin Bieber Haarp Hero

Is Justin Bieber’s music really that good? 600 million views for his hit single “Baby”? Or is there something more sinister going on?

Justin Bieber (Justin Timberlake 2.0) is now going out with Selena 2.0. Selena Gomez is just a reproduction of the famous Mexican singer Selena that was killed in the 90’s.

Do you think Justin Bieber is Pop Culture’s new savior or is he just a repackaged version of Justin Timberlake? I have a feeling the US government is using their Canadian HAARP facility to broadcast Justin Bieber into the school children’s heads 24/7 so the Emo generation loses their girlfriends to the BIEB. Don’t kill yourself Emo kid. You will get a girlfriend now that Bieber has cut off his Emo haircut.

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9 thoughts on “Justin Bieber: Haarp Hero

  1. Bieber is like a young Hobie on Baywatch. Mitch Buchanan’s son that got all the lovely ladies.

  2. Bieber is like a young Aaron Carter before his brother Nick introduced him to Lou Pearlman’s towel drop.

  3. Sick ass mothafukkkin’ crackers! I don’t distinguish between white devils, Jew or Christian. You iz just a bunch of sick ass mothafukkkas. Aaron Carter is just a kid. Y the frack is he oil wrestling wit fatass Lou Pearlman?

  4. All the girls in my class are in love with Justin Bieber. The latin girls especially. What’s going on? Why are all the girls in love with Justin Bieber?

    Hold on a second. My tia maria is coughing up blood again. She just had radiation therapy on her lung cancer. I’ll give u another puff of lucky strike tia maria if just live one more year.

  5. Jesse Venture put on the Haarp simulator on his head. He heard the music playing. They’re pumping this bieber poop into people’s heads just like they did with the fucken’ Beatles. This poop has been going on a long time. John Lennon was a dedicated communist. The red Jews like his manager epstein put in the subliminals with some kind of low level sonic pulse. I’ll post that Haarp book when i get a chance.


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