A Ninth Ward Drink For Nicole Kidman

I couldn’t tame her with my Frank TJ Mackey impression Joe. The Ninth Circle Satanic cult was too strong bro. We were both cult children so it never worked out when I couldn’t defeat red cloak in EWS.

Nicole Kidman Witch

The Ninth Ward

1 1⁄2 oz Bourbon, Bulleit
1⁄2 oz Elderflower liqueur, St. Germain
3⁄4 oz Lime juice
3⁄4 oz Falernum
2 ds Peychaud’s Bitters

Ninth ward cocktail

Shake and strain, garnish with orange slice

Nicole Goran Magic


Hey Joe, give it a go. Or are you afraid of Russell Crowe? Have a go with Crowe bro. We’re bros right Joe. Hey Joe, whatta ya know?

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16 thoughts on “A Ninth Ward Drink For Nicole Kidman

  1. UN-Women.jpg

    grande dame veronica loves me

    she loves me not

    she loves me

    loves me not

    the thought of harming a woman or our dear mother earth makes me sick to my stomach. billy boy is at trump’s derelict casino waiting 4 a nozh scrap

  2. She could never understand why Demi Lovato makes me cry. I learned my lesson in Cocomo Joe. That eutrophied lake Demi is posing in front of brings the General to tears. Sitting on the dock of trout lake watching the time roll away without fish is not an ideal scene. Makes me get ver klempt instead of just clamming up.

  3. 200.gif

    Tabloid sez Crowe is bigger savior than Cruise. The true holder of the matrix of leadership. Fish knows this because we could never rip open optimus prime toy’s chest because he was too big to steal, unlike the Decepticon leader.

  4. Cruise calling her the b word was all in the past thanks to my enlightened reign over mankind. I just blew a fart of holy air. a quaff of luxurious perfumed flatulence. Gaddafi demanded his amazons always smelled his farts and agreed they smelled like roses. We need an enlightened reign like his before Russell Crowe walks into the bar and starts another fist fight. I have a unobtanium plate in my turban Rusty. Come at me brah. I’ll head butt u to oblivion

  5. Let’s all sing about Joe


    Hey Joe you wanna give it a go? Don’t look at her nude Joe. Remember teh contest kramer put u on when he said shiny happy people were losing their religion. None of these damsels will give you her hand unless ur the head of a money making cult like TC KSW LRH nwo 4 life

  6. Crowe is total white knight. Wants to fight for her honor like the karate kid song. Cruise knew lines from karate kid but she wouldn’t rehearse the weak female role in karate kid. said it was sexist and daniel was a bully not cobra kai. east van is where u get mercy on cult jokes cruise while the world collapses around you like the end of lord of the rings

    australia is dry as a bone. aquifer’s drained. we should summon lord humungous

  7. Rusty Crowe will start a fight at the bar. Rusty Crowe bar brawler can’t come to paradise city if he keeps threatening to beat me up. You’re the bouncer in paradise city jozo. I just want to sit by the dock of the bay and cast my line. Just like olden days bro. Don’t let me down.

  8. Offer Nicole your dainty hoof in marriage jozo in psalm 99 like i did. she just broke my heart when she heard i need an audience of marine life to turn into a love machine like stacie jaxx


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