The 9 Lives Atomic Kitten Apocalypse Canceller Drink

When I was a 22 year old kid in the attic with my only possessions waiting for that big break at expo 86 with Top Gun the only thing I could think about was ditching it all and starting a bar of my own.

Madonna Holy Water

Jozo was gonna be the DJ if only we could sell my mom’s music making keyboard for that Soundwave transformer with the cassette player. If only there was a pawn shop in the neighborhood like there is now. My keyboard was valuable and I wanted that tape player. Jozo kept trying to explain to me that they weren’t real cassettes and just toys. I couldn’t explain to little Joe that I just needed to get pumped up to end the inevitable Cruise sade into the middle east. I knew I should of backed out of Top Gun and been a bartender. I could only fake being a bartender for the movie cuz I couldn’t read. But now that I’m learning to read through color therapy I can make those drinks I couldn’t read on the chart. Joe knows I was tuff and represented CP at the Herbie Hancock break off. I let Joe rumble while I entertain the next generation. I taught generation Z what Les Grossman is. I taught them about Jude Law at the movies Boskowitz. Appreciate BF for life. NWO 4 Life Jozo you shiny happy Jew. Love, don’t hate Jozo.

9 Lives Drink

This drink is for Madonna. It’s called the 9 lives drink and it’s colored like original holy water.

3/4 oz Spiced Rum (Cruzan)
3/4 oz White Rum (Cruzan Aged Light Rum)
1-1/2 oz Pineapple Juice.
1 oz Orange Juice.
2 dashes Angostura Bitters.
1 wedge Pineapple.
Garnish: Pineapple.
Glass: Any Glass.


Cancel the Apocalypse

Madonna’s song holy water cancels the apocalypse now that Ke$ha taught us the truth about ur incredible theory on MTV. If you can’t afford those expensive vitamins drink from ye own cisterns. It’s in the Catholic bible I have heard.

Cocktails and Dreams!

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23 thoughts on “The 9 Lives Atomic Kitten Apocalypse Canceller Drink

  1. Jimmy is much more handsome than Idris Elba. Oh Jimmy Jimmy how we gonna feed our 10 illegitimate children Jimmy? I told you to get an abortion for those ten mystery children from the ho train in the 90’s. He named them all John after John Voight.

    Ur 2 nice Jimmy. People walk all over you like the General. Why didn’t the General ever take you fishing? Why only Tom Cruise? He’s not a former soldier.

  2. I could beat this ‘boon’ at any tito ortiz street fight


    my connections in russian national unity are inserting unobtanium shin plates and knuckles into my hands to run the North West republic. I challenge anyone to a bare knuckle street brawl to assert territorial pissings dominance for North West. I will be cheating of course since after russia 2018 I will have a steel fist like Stalin and and iron will like Hitler. Meet me in the Portland tennis courts if you don’t agree that white is right Elba. fake james bond motherfracker shiny happy person.

    after kissing madonna he must be a kabbalah reading motherfracker like Murray Ballstein the guy my mother dated. frack madonna. she sold out the white race

  3. We must fight for Covington’s blue white and green North West flag. I can bag more groceries at IGA. You can sell more Hitler youth daggers on ebay. We’ll get enough money to run our own slick election campaign. We’ll do it in the memory of Danny. This is what he would of wanted. A white homeland in the NW.

    I think Craig Cobb is standing in your way Derek. Challenge him to basketball like you do all your white comrades in arms fighting ZOG. Deflate the ball Derek and hit him in the face with the ball a few times. Craig Cobb is an usurper like De Nugent or Duke University.

  4. Derek is being charged with hate crimes for calling Idris Elba a “boon”. Idris Elba is also being charged with a hate crime to try and increase black self loathing. The aryan brotherhood found a way to hack their shamrock into my Irish brainstem to increase the tyranny of washington DC.

  5. dollar.gif

    Low IQ pig. Micah was Uncle Sam’s pawn. Micah X is no relation to me or Jimmy. UR just too low iq or too lowbrow to read jay’s analysis of the Summer of Uncle Sam. Johnson is one of LBJ’s slaves after the coup in dallas 1963

  6. Get them out of the bar Robocop. The fights between the blacks and whites remind me of a Bruce Sprinsteen song I really don’t want to hear. East Van is my hometown Madonna, the paradise city I sing about in School of Rock. Rock of Ages I mean. I’ve studied the behavior of stars and they rarely cross paths and usually make binary connections. We tried to make the LA celebrity center tip top but we never had the spring miracle water and madonna mp3s to listen to. we would of been happy as clams eating wheatgrass like me and Jozo the Bozo in the summer of 69. it was 84 or 85 bozo i had just completed my Legendary movie Legend and was feeling antsy about Top Gun and the meaning of Operation Fishbowl.

    i just want to sit on the dock of the bay at trout lake with my kids and let bozo and shia labeouf fight over the matrix of leadership. I “merged” my family with David Beckham’s family just because he was handsome. Bozo is handsome capped. Every girl expects to be saved from a real or imagined threat by a handsome man.

  7. Ellie Goulding doesn’t understand our schoolboy gang code Fish. She doesn’t see any similarities between TC in SK’s EWS and Fifty Shades Darker. What if I made that special girl that spring flower necklace rumblefish could make back in the day? Would love tree be reborn in Clark Park?

  8. Now you’ve learned to talk like a Psychlo. clammed up. ears shut. eyes shut like them. Who was the first girl who ever made you pee your pants in fear? Crashing and burning in fear?

    Vanilla Sky? Ellie? Me too bro

  9. Lucifer doesn’t exist


    high priestess thinks he’s real. hierophant says nay he is harry potter. the chosen one. priestess disagrees says katniss is the one. that’s the high school reading level of katniss education.

  10. You and Jack Black are good friends? He’s a Jew and you are a Scientologist. Jack’s ass belongs to Satan. Your’s belongs to Xenu. You’re both doomed. DOOMED

  11. as an irishman I can’t forget my lucky charms. SK and Nic are my lucky charms


    this is darkness. the red suit man in EWS. i can never forget the real darkness. HELLO darkness MY old FRIEND

  12. i bet bush was coked out talking to much when he banged madonna in 93. hillary and bill hooked him up with kilos to sniff from arkansas airport.


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