Drago will Destroy the American Public Spirit

Drago: [from teaser] My name is Drago. I’m a fighter from the Soviet Union. I fight all my life and I never lose. soon I fight Rocky Balboa, and the world will see his defeat. Soon, the whole world will know my name.

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5 thoughts on “Drago will Destroy the American Public Spirit

  1. Drago is gonna set off the doomsday device if his computer keeps breaking because of capitalist pigs from the lost empire of atlantis.

    the group of 7 from aquaman rule the 7 seas. bacon bro. like wendy’s big bacon classic

  2. cruise showed me his callsign fish moniz. mike is the one that’s delusional. drunk. troy mmcclure. then jerry maguire. u look like kid in jerry maguire double m.

  3. I’ve been culled monads u gonads. they keep forcing pills on me. your birdsinger from double m island is in same boat. fresh off the boat singer and the rest of us. psychiatry took the best of us. u expect neon lights and more nobel prizes monzie.


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