9/11 and the Movie Fight Club

Fight Club

The main character of the movie Fight Club is a multiple personality named Tyler Durden. In Freemasonry, the Tyler guards the lodge door. You might recall the scene where Tyler takes new entrants into Fight Club and makes them wait at the door without food and shelter. This is similar to how Freemasonry used to be, although nowadays the requirements for joining have laxed since the amount of new members is waning.

On 9/11 the members of fight club were no longer the middle children of history. They had their great war. The War on Terror.

Fight Club Cancer

Fight Club is a nihilist film. The main character Jack starts the film by going to support groups for incurable diseases. Notice they meet in the Church of St. Francis. Though the film is nihilistic there is still hope for a miracle to happen like a cure for cancer.

Fight Club Masonic Floor

After Jack splits into his alter personality ,Tyler, he starts a secret society. This secret society is anti-Masonic as symbolized by the elitist they drag into the bathroom and threaten. Their secret society is against the Old Order.

Do not frack with us. Fight Club

They piss in the Rotary club’s soup. They drag their master into the bathroom and tell him not to frack with Fight Club.

WTC Sphere

Here is a picture of the corporate art outside the World Trade Center.

Corporate art

Fight Club starts a new endeavor, “Project Mayhem”. They blow up the corporate art and send the ball rolling into a neighboring Starbucks.

Fight Club Implosion

Tyler decides he wants to put the economy back into equilibrium by cancelling all the debts. He wants to start a Jubilee which is a very Christian thing to do. Fight Club plants explosives in all the bank buildings and at the end of the movie they implode.

WTC Implosion

This movie is where the Illuminati and the Freemasons got the idea to demolish the World Trade Center. Life imitates art once again. Their debts have been wiped out.


Always remember the first rule of Fight Club. You do not talk about Fight Club.

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4 thoughts on “9/11 and the Movie Fight Club

  1. His name was Henry Paulson!


    Anyone connected with the world of finance and familiar with the novel Fight Club must have stifled a chuckle when they heard the name “Paulson” mentioned …

  2. If you watch the film at the begining, Brad Pitt says “this is it, ground zero” then Ed Norton explains how the explosives are rigged in the buildings to take them down, which is how the twin towers were rigged, so basically Fight Club tells you how they rigged the twin towers.

  3. Conceited dweeb, if the demolition of the twin towers removed debts then why do I still one people.


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