Ritual Book of Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Ritual Book of Kappa Sigma

From Wikileaks:


The Ritual of Kappa Sigma manual (1995). The secret manual pertains to North America’s largest and oldest masonic secret fraternity, first founded in Bologna, Italy during the 1400s. The manual includes details on secret codes, initiation rites, funeral rites and others. The manual has been photographed page by page and includes added notes and small clarifications where necessary (provided by the source). 78mb large file be patient.

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89 thoughts on “Ritual Book of Kappa Sigma Fraternity

  1. Ahhhhh frat! What a bunch of clowns. Its my burday and I got wasted and hazed all the k swig pledges tonight. ROKUS!!!

  2. You better take this down now or I will take it down myself motherfracker!

  3. I don’t even know where to begin to say how horrible this is!! My boyfriend is in this fraternity and frankly it is so wrong to do this to the kappa sigs!!! Some of the most amazing people I have met are members of this fraternity…. If it was meant to be know it would have but this was supposed to remain to be secret and I believe you should take it down….. I will NOT take in part in reding this book I would like it if someone knows how to take this down? I am very sad about this and I had to tell my significant other this and it made me feel like a complete jerk to tell him this, but all the kappa sigs need to know about stuff like this being leaked online…. And every precaution needs to be taken, to all the kappa sigs, I’m sorry someone got a hold of this and put it online just know u have my word on NEVER reading it. Also, on another note this makes me terribly sad because my papa was a kappa sig at university of wyoming (if I’m not mistaken).
    The girlfriend who is in love with a kappa sig

  4. HAHAHA, I hope they never take this down! What do you fratties and sorostitutes have to hide? I’m a proud GDI for life, and I hope that one day everyone knows all the weird, fracked up “brotherhood” poop you people do.

  5. Wow…that was super heterosexually challenged, I can’t believe I just skimmed through that. Y’all were all stirred up about some swords and steps and hand signs…what the frack? Bloods and crips make more sense than this poop, frack fraternities

  6. You can read our ritual, learn our signs and our secret words; but you will never be a Kappa Sigma. You will never know the brotherhood that we have. And you will never experience anything close to it.
    Your obvious insecurity, jealous, and loneliness disgusts me.

    To all my brothers out there: AEKDB
    To all the poser GDIs out there: while you can look up what it means – you’ll never truly understand it.

  7. Go ahead and read eery single page of this book, You will never understand the true meaning of brotherhood.

    A.E.K.∆.B to all my brothers out there.

  8. HAHAHA any fool could attempt to read a book!! None of you fools could understand what KAPPA SIGMA is all about. Your find make me laugh. ahaha lmao

    TO: All the important people that matter in this world,

    A.E.K.∆.B for life

  9. If this is so stupid to all you GDI’s then why waste time reading it? Calmly stated, explaining the meaning of this book is like explaining the bible to an aetheist. You can deny any truth you want but it means something to us. We are the largest and most preferred fraternity in the world and nothing will make me ashamed of Kappa Sigma. AEKDB Brothers.
    P.S. everyone knows GDIs are lame and have heterosexually challenged ass parties. The gentlemen with sailboats and mansions are who everyone wants to party with.

  10. Just saw this – when we find you Joe, those fingertips are coming off.
    We have people everywhere and you have woken a sleeping lion who was harming no one. Your IP address is traceable, so is your computer, so is your home address. Keep looking over your shoulder. We’re coming.

  11. Listen Joe, we take this poop serious. Our headquarters has convicted every person to date that has posted anything about our ritual or our secrets. Most of them are in prison. As you can tell from reading it our history is Masonic, and our oath is serious. We will find you, and you will pay. Take this down for your own fracking good.

  12. I hope you feel accomplished exposing the very bottom rung of what our truths really mean. To think that any society based in secrecy would record their most sacred rights in a book is to acknowledge your own stupidity in trying to post it. This means nothing, changes nothing, and if anything serves to deter those seeking what is really held at our heart. Masonic orders are arranged hierarchically, with writings such as these remaining at the bottom.


  13. To the Kappa Sig’s,

    I feel for you when I noticed that your ritual had been published on a leaks site. I know the feeling. As a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, we too can feel your pain. Just realize that these GDI’s can read the damn book, but they don’t realize that most of our secrets are never written down, let alone uttered if not in a locked and guarded room. They may think that they know what our initiations are, but all they know is the words.

    In ZAX.

    To the GDI’s,
    frack you. You are just some stupid ass ignorant reject to society whose mommy and daddy raised you in some little lower middle class household where you weren’t able to go greek if even to college. Shut the hell up, you have no idea of the secrets that GLO’s hold and considering that almost every president has been Greek, you’ll never go anywhere if you are a GDI.
    frack Geeds

  14. As a brother of the order, I am shocked. You GDI’s are some real ignorant pieces of poop. The fact that you would go out of your way to get a book, in which you have no idea what the frack any of it means makes me wonder how much of a life you have. You better be careful about the poop you start posting about peoples secrets, because pretty soon you’re going to piss off a wrong brother of mine, and they’re going to kick the living poop out of you, and you can take my word for that. No matter what you get from us, whether it be a book, or a meaning to something, you will NEVER know what we’ve been through as brothers, or even what it means to call eachother brothers. We know what that means, and you will NEVER get that out of us. frack you GDI’s, you low life queers. You should probably move out of your parents house, and get off their computer trying to find poop, and try to find yourself a job at McDonald’s or something, I think they’re hiring GDI’s.

    To all my brothers out there as a part of the order,


  15. I can’t believe you are willing to relive this type of stuff in the afterlife just so you understand what you do is wrong. you must be shown respect in order to receive it, even if that means understanding how others earned it when you cannot on your own.

  16. Haha, so you think that by exposing our ritual book you know what we do, what we are about and all of our secrets? That is funny, that is like a stepping stone to our fraternites secrets. Nice try and good luck finding the rest. Our most sacred stuff is only passed down via word.

    I have a question for you. Did you get denied a bid?
    Have fun GDI, i shall find you soon enough, not like most eight year old children cant hack now.
    AEKDB Brothers.

  17. Okay for everybody who commented on this, you all sound like retards!! (Exception me) Lol! You frat boys think your hard?! Wait what makes you guys above anyone else? You all eat eachothers cum sooner or later or slam the same slutty girl! fraternities now vs back then when they were first founded have gone through hell of a lot of changes!! The new generations is no longer true to the old custom and tradition!! Even the belief system is lacking! More than half of you fecal – matter’s never heard of the word masonry let alone know what Masonic symbolism is! The most heavily guarded secret is lying in plain sight!!!!! Can anyone else see it too??!

  18. Lol what is GDI lol they sound like lames as a brother of the oder and a founding father of my Chapter I will say we for give u and come halls at us when u ready to become a Real man lol BTW Kappa Sigma is the largeist fraternity in the world we must be doing something right.lol AEKDB

  19. G. I. Joe, this isn’t public information You better hope none of us find out who you are cause this is the type of poop we’ll kill for. You don’t frack with our ritual. And you haters can say what you want but we are the most preferred fraternity in the world and will be better off in life than all of you GDIs. To all my brothers reading this:


  20. I’m shaking in my boots. Can i jerk off in a bucket and drink the cum with you guys? Initiate me into your fraternity cum guzzler. I’ll endure any type of hazing as long as I can belong to Kappa Sigma.

  21. If you can find the ritual book of Kappa Alpha Order, that would be great too. In the end, the truth reveals itself.

  22. Wow do u really think anyone who is not a ΚΣ cares whats in the damn book. The majority of our traditions and rituals are passed down by word of mouth and CANNOT be found in any out of date and inacurate ritual book. The secrecy in its self is the oldest of our traditions originally designed for the mutuel protection of its members from thoses who would see them harmed. Although u have nothing of modern significans other than a book that holds more of a symbolic purpose and a close place in the hearts of all whom were found worthy to bare the Star and Crecent it is a great insult for you to think you have something and to post it with such malcontent. Heed my warning for what you have done is made your self an enemy of evey Kappa Sigma on the planet. You have publicized information that out of ancient tradition we have kept secret for six hundered years. When our order was young during the 1400s the punishment for this kind of disgrace was death by dismemberment. There are many within our order today that are rich in wealth and resorce, whom are more than capable of finding you. Watch yourself friend…

    “A pearl of great price is not to be obtained for the asking”


  23. Being a member of two organizations has taught me something in my life. I am a kappa sigma and will be for life and I am also a US Army disabled veteran, I joined kappa sigma after being medically retired from the military and I have not found a brotherhood that comes close to what I had with my squad mates. Anywhere I go in country I have a neither. If you want to choose to be a GDI then that’s fine its your choice but you will never understand the meaning of this ritual or the brotherhood that goes with it. As far as it being put online I hope somebody takes it down because everyone in the know knows that the person who posted this tried to rush and was denied because he did not embody the four pillars. To all of the brothers I say A.E.K.D.B. to all the rest i say pull your head out of your ass and learn something from those of us who do know a thing or two about life or if nothing else respect history even if its not yours.

  24. I don’t need to read a book to know about ur danm signs and secrets. It’s all over the web. All those hand symbols are pretty explanatory . devil worshippers and freemason wannabes . sell ur souls for wealth, and what ever else that will satisfy ur selfish human desires. u all talk of respect yet none of you here have shown it so respect my ass. No one is jealous or even wants to be part of ur satanic poop. lame . And 4 ur stupid treats : U can hurt the flesh but never the would of the “REAL CHOSEN ONES” _!_

  25. Well it’s clear that Joe here either didn’t get a bid or dropped due to hazing. I think you made that pretty obvious. SO.. you will most likely be a little disheartened when I tell you that this is not the Kappa Sigma Ritual. The Ritual of Kappa Sigma was changed when put into the 1995 edition of this book and when it went viral it was returned to its original format. The “updated” ritual (which is not really an update, perhaps a downdate..?) is less than 4 years old. In short… you could probably start a different fraternity with the 1995 edition of the book as they are more different than they are alike.

    to my brothers.. if you are a guard, greet this guy at the door.

  26. and it’s you’re… not your. “your” is possessive, “you’re” is a contraction meaning “you are”

    I thought you didn’t get a bid or dropped due to hazing. Now I am thinking you didn’t go to college.

  27. G.I. Joe, get out of your mother’s basement! While you are at it, you need to adjust your tin-foil hat. Shiny side out, remember! Damn GDI.

    My brothers: A.E.K.D.B

  28. To all my brothers out there reading this for the first time, don’t get upset. That is the reaction this guy wants. Instead lead by example by being the gentlemen we strive to be, and know that because our book is published our real secrets about what it actually means to be a brother is real inside our hearts forever and that can not be put into words. STAY STRONG BROTHERS- AEKDB

  29. I have served in the military i have seen people get killed and the people closest to me killed and as a kappa sigma these brothers no matter where they are are closer to me because of what we share together. For the GDIs that are on here and talking about that we are a “frat” you are so wrong. We are brothers no matter what you do or say these brothers are mine and would die for one of these men. This is something worth dying for. You have pissed off the wrong brother. A.E.K.D.B my brothers and let’s prevent this and get this site shut down and these people out in jail. “We are kappa sigmas were riders of the night were rowdy mother fuckers rather frack than fight so rowdy rowdy Christ almighty who the frack are we God damn sons of bitches A.E.K.D.B WOO

  30. The Star and Crescent shall not be worn by every man, but only by him who is worth to wear it. He must be a Gentleman, a man of Honor and Courage, an Intelligent man, a man of Truth, one who Tempers Action with Wisdom, and above all else, one who walks in the light of God.
    Epsilon Nu 1976

  31. This is messed up all you GDI’s out there who think this is getting revenge on fraternities you will never understand the true brotherhood we share.

    Boys AEKDB

  32. Grown man, who lives in parents basement, calls himself GI Joe, wears mask like an 8 year old, gets off by posting a fraternity ritual on the web. What a total loser. Dude has no life, no friends, no women; just a loner who was black balled by society. Lmao!

  33. It’s unfortunate that this was posted online for everyone to see. Although they won’t understand it in it’s full meaning, it is still sad to see here. It takes a lot to become a brother of Kappa Sigma, so don’t tarnish our name like this. Respect my brothers.
    To my brothers,
    Be respectful of them. They don’t understand what they’re doing. They’ll receive their punishment one day.

  34. As a brother of Kappa Sigma, in one way, the fact that someone took the time and effort to go to all of this trouble, actually, to some extent, makes me proud to be a part of this brotherhood. I always remember that my parents spoke frequently that there are many people, that even though they personally had not made a mark in society, that they felt the need to attack or somehow discredit those that had made it… like trying to get up the ladder of life, by stepping on other’s shoulders and heads to climb.

    If for no other reason than to have it made public and verified by Wikileaks and others… that Kappa Sigma is the LARGEST AND OLDEST FRATERNITY !!!!

    It is unfortunate that people feel some sort of accomplishment be doing things like this. The part that this is just the surface of what all of our true and truly secrets actually are. I know that this has been commented on already… but all of you out there that read this book, please realize that it is just the surface information and that most of the deepest ritual/secrets are shared through the pledging, but most, during the final initiation… and not by reading this ritual… in addition to it.

    I have seen some of the comments… and I do understand the anger by some of my fellow brothers, but… we just need to remember why our original chapter in the city of Bologna was founded… and hold those precepts close today, more than ever.

    For those of you that see this site… and for whatever reason… you actually take the time to read my comment. Just know this. I was initiated over 40 years ago, and to this day… most of my closest and dependable friends… are those men that were a part of my chapter.

    To all of my brothers. AEKDB

    Theta Beta Chapter… CSULB… Alpha Delta pledge class… Gamma Mu Gamma!

  35. God the almighty will judge you when the time is right. Bye! Have a nice eternity in hell . I’m sure Satan will have some nice rituals for you when you get there too. God blesses KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY. Always has and always will. Maybe one of our brethren will get to be the prosecutor or judge that puts you away and leaves you broke. Then again you probably won’t have to wait that long. Someone with no character or moral sense of decency such as yourself is destined to be broke, lonely, and cast out. Have fun loser.
    AEKDB brothers

  36. AEKDB = Adelphoi en Kardia Dios Bous
    Translation: Brothers in hearts throughout life

    The Grip: just a regular handshake, but with your index finger extended and touching the other person’s wrist

    Word of Distress: “Rocus”
    The Word is the English word “succor,” meaning “help,” spelled in reverse, with the omission of a letter

    Due Guard: use your right hand, extend all your fingers outward and place it over your collar bone with the palm of your hand facing the floor. Your left hand should have its fingers extended outward, with palm facing the floor, but your entire arm should be angled at a 45 degrees angle downward

    The Penal Sign: Have your arms straight down on your side, with the palm of your hands touching your body. Then place your right hands just like in the position of the due guard. Now slide it over your upper chest from left to right, so your hand eventually touches and crosses your right collar bone while keeping your palm facing the floor. Then, your left hand should take a similar position but this time over your waist. Fingers extended, palm facing the floor, and slide from right to left

    The green and red jewels on the Star and Crescent represent that while manly character is complete without adornment, as is the Badge without a single jewel, yet it gains in beauty and grace by those refinements which spring from associations such as ours, even as the Badge is made more beautiful by the emeralds and rubies which adorn it

    I am a Freemason and a Kappa Sigma brother. I can tell you I was very disappointed when during my degree work I realized that Stephen Alonzo Jackson literally took the rituals he learned in Freemasonry and made them his own in “creating” the rituals of Kappa Sigma. He was a Freemason first and broke his original oaths to this original brothers. He stole something ancient and beautiful and tried to make it his own. I find a much higher cause and much better brotherhood in Freemasonry.

    You can tell the information is true from the voracity of the condemnation. Any other questions about the “secrets” of this “600 year old brotherhood from Bologna, the CIty of Letters” just ask.

    Manuel Chrysoloras, the man from Bolonga
    Semper “Constans” = Always Constant
    “Bononia Docet Mundum” = “Bologna Teaches the World”


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