Fraternity Ritual Books from Wikileaks


Here are some new Fraternity Ritual Books from Wikileaks.

Alpha Chi Omega is a women’s fraternity Condoleezza Rice is a member of. Amber Brkich from Survivor is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta another women’s fraternity . Alpha Kappa Alpha is an African American sorority for females. Benjamin Bratt and Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes are members of Lambda Chi Alpha. There is also Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Chi.

My favorite book is the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi. Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s fraternity. Praise Big Brother! Praise Him!

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53 thoughts on “Fraternity Ritual Books from Wikileaks

  1. This is laughable, my organization is on here and it’s not even close to our ritual. For those who think there are not secrets any more you are absolute morons. The secrecy of rituals is what puts our organizations apart from each other, we all do service, we all do philanthropy, we all have brotherhood, but it’s our ritual that separates us. Frankly if anyone has a brother who releases a ritual (because it could only be a brother because no outsider should even know about these books), they are not truly brothers of your organization. Yes we have secret mottos, yes we have secret signs, etc. These are sacred to us because we went through our initiation and learned them, we had our brothers prepare us for a semester or a year or whatever time. They found us trustworthy enough to teach us the ways of our organization with our values and our most closely guarded secrets. For all of you who obviously aren’t in a fraternity or sorority and don’t understand why we have our secrets and why we value them so much, it’s more than just us having our secret time in our chapter room that no one knows about or the house being closed to outsiders for a week. I now have a connection with 200,000 other people in my organization throughout the world. Yes, I have networking opportunities and job opportunities and all that poop they tell you when you’re recruited. It’s more than that still, I can find any of these brothers and sit down and hang out with, I can go visit them at other campuses and crash at their house. I can talk with them about ritual and all the experiences they had when they went through. I met one of my brother’s father who was an alum from our chapter. Some of us went up to visit and we would just shoot the poop about his time there and what has all changed at the chapter. He showed us his paddle which was awesome seeing a paddle that’s 30yrs old and seeing how my paddle is just like his with minor differences. It just a basic reminder of how much we value tradition. That’s why we have our secrets it bonds us in a way that is just for us. Why do you want to know our secrets that you would obviously have know use for? So you can find us and say hey “Secret Motto.” and pretend to be one of us? So you can shove it in our faces and say ha ha I know your secrets. Congratulations you know our stuff, you took the time to search the internet do research on my frat dig pretty damn deep to find all our mottos and symbols. Yea you’re obviously a little weird or probably a little upset you didn’t get in a frat, got kicked out before initiation because you were a frack, or just never gave frats a chance because you fell for the stereotypes and thought we were a bunch of partying, boozing, and hazing organizations. Frankly yes there are some frats that are like that, but it’s up to you to find a place for you, find the guys who you like, who like you, and are willing to give a chance to possibly spend the next 4+ years living with and the rest of your life being connected too. Yes I value my education I study my ass off 5 days a week. On the weekend I like to go out with my brothers, maybe get wasted with them, and have just an awesome time. These are my brothers and we’ve been through poop together, some good some bad, but I know I’m going to stay in contact with these guys probably the rest of my life. I’m going to support my chapter after I leave. I’m going to come back and tell my stories to the new boys, and hell I’ll come back and have a beer with them too. Find our secrets, don’t find our secrets (hopefully not), but you’ll never be one of us, you’ll never know what it is to be my brother or any other persons brother.

  2. Lambda Chi till I die. And if you see ours it’s dated 1909, if you’re a Lambda Chi you know why this is pretty laughable claim to be our ritual
    In ZAX my brothers

  3. Y’all are missing the point. Yes, every fraternal organization has its rituals and secrets that bind them together, but that’s not what makes a fraternal organization. Because we all join blindly, not knowing what any one organization stands for, we presume/accept/expect that a fraternity/sorority will stand for some form of scholarship, altruism, agape/brotherly love, fellowship, service, honor, or any of several other ideals. The quintessential take-away from the ritual is that one voluntarily binds him/herself to the organization and their prescribed values. Since ones do not join an organization based upon its values, what matters is not the ritual, per se, but that a pledge/candidate is willing to internalize that organization and its values indirectly and do what is required to demonstrate his/her ability to carry out those ideals. Knowing someone’s ritual doesn’t mean you know or understand that organization because you didn’t go through all the steps necessary to get to the proverbial ritual door. All you know is something about them they’d rather keep to themselves, and who amongst us doesn’t want to keep somethings private and within our own circle.


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