Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins

Murder by Injection - Eustace Mullins

Murder by injection is one of the most important books ever written. It’s out of print and very expensive to buy on Amazon. You can download it here for free. There used to be a Eustace Mullins website but I think its down. Do whatever you can to support conspiracy book authors and their next of kin since they are the only people who will give you their work for free.

I have more to say about this subject and I’ll get back to it when I have time. I don’t appreciate White Nationalists calling him USELESS Mullins. Ezra called him that in jest. That article in occidental upset me. People in the White Nationalist movement seem to think Mullins was more damaging than useful to the movement.

Most of Mullins sources have turned out to be 100% percent correct in light of the Bohemian Grove membership lists that have come out. I registered a domain for Eustace and I am looking for his current protege who is continuing where he left off. The domain is An appropriate website for possibly one of America’s greatest patriots.

If found out through youtube that Eustace has a nephew named Matt Mader and a man named Jesse Lee is his protege. This website: is theirs to run. All I ask is the side ad to pay domain charges and bandwidth. I’ll give them the passwords for the site and they can post their own adsense code on their posts. I had a little bit of trouble from the ADL but it is a US domain and hosted in the United States so there are no hate speech laws that can be applied like here in Canada where I am.

This video created by Banjo Billy @ Bamboo Delight condenses the Murder by Injection book nicely.

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10 thoughts on “Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins

  1. A suggestion…if you want people to take you seriously, stop using “2” for “to”. It makes you sound like a prepubescent girl. Like it or not, you’re judged on your writing ability.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  2. ya i now. but i got a million sites on the go now. and when u use twitter u get used 2 shortening things.

  3. I’d grab whichever. Both are good and so many people have become used to everything not being .com. I think in this day and age it’s probably a positive already to shy away from the most mainstream of internet url’s. I personally prefer .US as it makes you think of the real United States and not just one more piece of the globalist pie who are trying to wipe out all nationality, culture, religion, independance of any kind. Its their way or the highway. They want you dead and Eustace proved it. His work stands alone and the dumb horde is even waking up to the deception and the Jon Stewart/Saturday Night Live satire shows aren’t funny anymore either. They have to wheel out something drastic I’m afraid cuz they’re feeling its bursting at the seems. But wasn’t all this predicted? Now is the time of many false prophets. IMHO, I think it’s smarter to listen than bloviate your opinion as if it was your favorite NFL or NBA team.

  4. By the way, that wasn’t directed at anyone. Definitely not the author. Great piece in fact. E. Mullins was the closest thing to a living angel on earth and I believe he was the true pioneer. E Edward is good, more media savvy, but his book is just a copy of Eustace’s IMO.

    Eustace’s closest friends think he may have even died a virgin. I think Kaminsk said that in an interview or article afte he died. He obviously highly respected him and I think Kaminski is a genious honest author with sharp instincts even though he’s not getting any younger. He blows all mainstream journalists away but gets paid nothing. That isn’t freedom and democracy. That’s STASI-SHIN Bet fascism. In any case, anyone who could do all that Eustace did, obviously dealing with all kinds of vicious harrassment for decades, and still never gave up? Thats a rare man. No matter how much loneliness and pain he probably felt in his life, he still held his courage and fought even though he was like an innocent child in his personal life. You know damn well they would have set him up with a woman, boys, drugs, ect. if they could have. They couldn’t. A man like that could only be blessed and honest.

  5. I’m practically a virgin too because of this conspiracy poop. My last girlfriend didn’t want to hear it. Like most women her eyes would glaze over whenever something political is mentioned. I’ve given up on women for the most part.

    I bet Eustace probably had one or two short termed relationships in his life. Women respond like Pavlov’s dogs when conspiracy is mentioned. They automatically think you are a tinfoil hat nutcase.

  6. John Kaminski sent people to steal from Eustace’s house, along with trying to take his copyrights through ‘power of attorney’ means – please don’t be deceived by this person who is using Mullin’s work to gain self-credibility.

    You can listen to Eustace discuss these events from the French Connection interview below.

    There is another person using the website: – named Mark Blackburn who was also involved in trying to take ownership of Eustace Mullins copyrights by force – more can be found from the video interview with Randy Atkins titled: The Strange Abductions of Eustace Mullins

  7. Bastards eh? I found a guy on youtube that has 6 hours of footage with Eustace. His nephew and his protege are the inheritors of his legacy. These vultures trying to pick his corpse won’t succeed. I don’t think Jesse Lee and his nephew are very computer savvy but the page I made for them is very simple to use.

  8. great post……. but I do take exception to your comment about women… lumping all of them based on your last girlfriend’s response…now that’s a bit of a generalization if I’ve ever seen one… I don’t glaze over at the mention of a ‘conspiracy’…which is a terrible word in itself…it makes something that is true sound questionable and mythical…which it is not…… anyhow, waking up to the truth has nothing to do with gender guys… there are just as many men as women that are asleep in a false reality……hopefully you were just kidding anyway…

  9. Just frustrated. I notice women have only started taking an interest in the last few years. Conspiracy theory has been a male dominated field for a long time.

  10. Sorry you feel like that about women Joe. But I as woman feel men can be the same . Their eyes get glazed over when I want to mention anything that goes against the norm. Anyway , hang in there you will find a she that shares your viewpoint in some ways …. But not all the way which is okay too. ‘ Cos
    you yourself will not have the same viewpoints as her but you will have most of them that will keep you two together .
    Conspiracy theory has not been a male dominated field, you think it so because not many women voice their opinions simply because they have been suppressed. But trust me they are rebels with a cause and I am one of them.
    I too have been suppressed and still today when I voice my opinion about anything …… I get shut down and made to feel like I was wrong to say what I had to say….. I know I am not wrong in voicing my soul because it is valid .
    When someone shuts me down it let’s me know that that being is not free.
    Anywayz I downloaded this book and whatever I felt about the medical industry is in there and I want to share this book with world.
    Everything I have felt about doctors and lawyers is all confirmed in this book
    Thank you.


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