Who is the Good Shepherd?

Angelina Jolie: The Good Shepherd

Angelina Jolie: Bride of Christ or Satan’s whore? What do you think?

In Robert Deniro’s Skull & Bones CIA movie I noticed Angelina Jolie wears a white wedding dress in a lot of scenes. The white dress represents the righteous deeds of the holy ones as written in the book of Revelation. Do you think exposing the Skull & Bones secret society was a righteous deed?

Matt Damon got sexiest man of the year for his role in The Good Shepherd. The movie was panned by the critics even though it is probably the only historically accurate CIA ever made. Matt Damon’s character is based on Edwin Wilson, a CIA agent. I’m pretty positive there is a second agent named Wilson who was also very prolific. I’ll look him up when I have time.

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