Peaches Geldof’s Tattoos

Peaches Geldof

Here are some of Peaches Geldof’s tattoos. This is one of an upside down crucifix on her neck.

Peaches Oto

This is a tattoo of the Satanic cult peaches belonged to. The Ordo Templi Orientis.

Peaches Geldof Book Noose Tattoo

This is a tattoo of a book containing occult knowledge. I notice there is a noose in front of it. Maybe Peaches shouldn’t of been messing around with the occult. Now she’s dead at 25.

I’m listening to: ♫Peaches – Presidents of the USA

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One thought on “Peaches Geldof’s Tattoos

  1. Alan Pascoe

    A coroner in Australia has just decided that the death of Michael
    Hutchence was suicide. Yet it has all the hallmarks of murder at the
    hands of the Masons. The Masons did this to help one of their members,
    Bob Geldof, keep custody of his children at the expense of the mother,
    Paula Yates.

    From the outset, the death of Michael Hutchence was accompanied by
    rumours of evidence, suggesting that he was responsible for his own
    death; evidence of dangerous sexual practices, excessive drinking, and
    drug abuse. The original source of this information must have been the
    police. There was also evidence about the state of mind of Michael
    Hutchence just before his death. But this appears to have come from Bob
    Geldof, someone who was in dispute with Michael Hutchence and former
    wife Paula Yates, over the custody of his children.

    The coroner and the press have accepted this flawed evidence at face
    value. They have not asked the questions: Why did a man who was shortly
    to marry, suddenly decide to kill himself? Why would he have become so
    upset over the custody of someone else’s children? The coroner seems to
    have assumed that drink and drugs were the cause. But was the quantity
    found in him likely to cause him to kill himself? How had he reacted in
    the past? Is it certain that he willingly took this cocktail of drugs
    and drink, or could someone else have given it to him just before he

    My view of events is this: Bob Geldof and Paula Yates split. Bob Geldof
    has the children. Paula Yates takes action to win custody of the
    children. A smear campaign against Paula Yates begins. The police raid
    Paula Yates’s flat, and find drugs; a small quantity only, but enough
    for her to be labelled a drug addict. As a consequence, her claim for
    custody is damaged; she looks less than suitable as a mother. Some might
    have expected her to give up the fight, but she doesn’t.

    More smears follow. There are revelations that Paula Yates is the
    illegitimate child of Hughie Green. The effect is to damage the
    reputation of Paula Yates’s mother, and by inference, Paula Yates
    herself. Paula Yates looks even less suitable as a mother. Her morale
    suffers, because she has just been told that her father never was her
    father. But she still won’t give up the fight. And all the while she has
    regular access to the children.

    Then she tells Bob Geldof that she wants to take the children for an
    extended period, on a visit to Australia. Bob Geldof won’t accept this.
    This would mean the children being out of the country. She might not
    bring them back. He would then have to fight through the courts to get
    them back. Cases like this take months, even years. And even after
    winning the fight to bring them back to Britain, he would still have to
    fight to keep custody; a fight in which the mother would have the
    advantage. By this time, the children would have spent a considerable
    period of time with their mother, without him having access to them. He
    won’t take the risk. He has a word with the brotherhood. They have a
    word with the brotherhood in Australia. They kill Michael Hutchence.

    The death of Michael Hutchence, not only keeps the children with Bob
    Geldof, but it also cripples Paula Yates’s ability to gain custody. She
    is now a single mother, and deemed less suitable as custodians of the
    children than a man and a woman together. Her judgement is also brought
    into question; she had planned to marry a man that appeared to have been
    mentally unstable, a drunk, and a drug addict. Furthermore, she has
    little will to fight; she is struck with grief over the death of the man
    she loved, and this coming so soon after being told that the man she
    thought was her father, was not her father. Her will is broken, and now
    she lacks the moral support of a partner.

    The end result of this campaign against Paula Yates is that Bob Geldof
    gets what he wants; he is the only one to gain from it. Does he have the
    influence to make it all happen? No, but there is an organisation that
    has strong influence over the police, and that kills people that get in
    their way by hanging them; the freemasons. The idea of Bob Geldof being
    a freemason may seem laughable, but this is only because his image does
    not match the stereotype (dull men in grey suits).

    Alan Pascoe


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