Lindsay Lohan: Rumors

Lindsay Lohan makes the all seeing eye in her Rumors music video.

Lindsay Lohan Rumors

If you slow it down frame by frame you can see this:

Lindsay Lohan Rumors All Seeing Eye

I think this video was made when Lindsay Lohan was interested in Kabbalah. She must of been reading about the evil eye.

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4 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan: Rumors

  1. I think this video was made when Lindsay Lohan was interested in Kabbalah. She must “of” been reading about the evil eye.

    Must’ve is the shortened version of must have….not “must of”.

  2. This is a bullshit remark firstly she was telling people what the Illuminati are doing to her spreading rumors haven’t any of you human mammals ever watch the meaning of the videos before you make your stupid assumptions, I guess not.

    Watch the video and listen to the darn lyrics then you’ll learn the meaning of the video.

    Stupid human Mammals

  3. Blasphemy don’t ever talk about blasphemy when you humans show it in your everyday lives contradicting everything you say ever second, I’ve realized the damage religion has done to this rotting Earth and you guys preach about religion when it is you humans who have corrupted it with you audacity.

    If I am suggesting that you are monkeys then yes I am, a monkey is smarter and more loving and more spiritual then you darn humans, I’ve seen the destruction that you humans cause for the sake of religion and also for the sake of morals and respect, and let me tell you humans something no matter how much I dislike your race and no matter how hard I try and defend you guys against Lucifer I can see what he meant about you being abortions and flawed. And he was defending his angelic brothers because he loved them what do you Love human,

    The fact that you humans are incapable of loving means that you don’t have god’s will residing in you and therefore you have no purpose in Life which means you’re a sheep in the heard. Knowledge has been given to you in the bible it was up to you to decode it and once you do you would have an abnormal sense of consciousness and awareness , therefore evolving into a higher being but I can see that you managed to misunderstand the meaning of the video since you are stuck in your 3rd dimensional body of materialism and radical judgment, and understanding of what is going oon in front of your eyes.


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