Room 23 and Hollywood Prostitution

Room 23

Room 23 is a photo book that is pretty much a salesbook for stars who double as escorts in Hollywood. 23 is the number of the Illuminati. If you are a rich Illuminatus come to Room 23. Your money will bring war criminals to justice.

Room 23 is the brainchild of entrepreneur and philanthropist Diana Jenkins and depicts a year in the life of a Beverly Hills penthouse suite. Stars to take part in the project and allow themselves to be intimately revealed include George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, Elton John, Dennis Hopper, Larry King, Heidi Klum, Kid Rock, Lindsay Lohan, Ludacris, Moby, Hayden Panettiere, Christian Slater, Sharon Stone and many more.

The book – to be released in 120 countries on September 8 – will benefit the Sanela Diana Jenkins International Human Rights Project, a non-profit entity at the UCLA School of Law that brings war criminals to justice through legal resources and technology. Established by Bosnian-born Diana Jenkins, the project aims at developing groundbreaking approaches to advancing human rights and to training the next generation of human rights lawyers and advocates.

“When good things happen for me, I pay it forward by helping my country,” said Jenkins. “In the Bosnian-Serbian War, people lost homes, cars and money, but the greatest casualty was the loss of family and friends. No one should ever have to be a victim of human rights violations, so that is why I founded the Sanela Diana Jenkins International Human Rights Project.”

Other stars to feature in the book include James Blunt, Rachel Hunter, Peter Wentz, Jerry Weintraub and many more.

To find out more, visit the official website.


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2 thoughts on “Room 23 and Hollywood Prostitution

  1. So wait… Elton John, Dennis Hopper, Larry King, and Kid Rock are high priced escorts? I iz confuze?

  2. Larry King loves going to Rothschild’s Xmas orgy. As for Kid Rock he was living on the streets of detroit before he gave his first producer a blowjob.


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