Lindsay Lohan Passed Around

Lindsay Lohan Passed Around

Look at Lindsay Lohan being given the old in-out by first one malchick then another then another then another.

Lohan is undoubtably a victim of Monarch Mind Control and a sex slave entertainment puppet for the elite. I can’t look. I think I’m gonna be sick. I didn’t always feel this way, in fact I used to feel the exact opposite when looking at pictures like this. I used to feel real horrorshow.

Lindsay’s next paycheck will be for sleeping with Charlie Sheen’s character on Anger Management. This role will not be a stretch for Lindsay. She will be lying on her back in a bed next to Charlie Sheen. A position she seems comfortable in.

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5 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Passed Around

  1. This is trash!


    At least Charlie Sheen could of given her a real acting role instead of sleazeball bed scenes. Lindsay used to be a real actress. I remember her vividly in Mean Girls. Is this all she can do in Hollywood now? Prostitute herself out for Charlie Sheen?

  2. Charlie likes to give the weepy young devotchkas the old in out. Sometimes they do it for cocaine sometimes they do it for money. Charlie loves them in his own special yahoodi way and they are out the door.

  3. Charlie Sheen wants to be matched with Lindsay Lohan:


    Look the hand gesture in the newspaper:


    How many times has Charlie had a ring on it and failed? Lindsay’s lips look like two smoky link sausages. She’s definitely had plastic surgery. She was beautiful before, now not so much.

  4. Charlie thinks he can stop the CIA from raping Lindsay Lohan because of his role in Platoon:


    This scene where he stops the Vietnamese girl from being raped.

    Yuck. I think I’m gonna be sick.

  5. I would rather see Lohan on her knees with Sheen down her throat. Then she demonstrate real acting. She is a very lovely girl who needs the receive a little more respect. I am a fan.
    Bud Dana


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