Cameron Diaz and David de Rothschild

Cameron Diaz David De Rothschild

July 12, 2007 07:45:43 GMT

Cameron Diaz and David de Rothschild have reportedly been dating. Women find the name Rothschild a powerful aphrodisiac. David De Rothschild is the son of Sir Evelyn De Rothschild of the infamous Rothschild family. Billionaire David De Rothschild wants peasants like you to conserve energy. Millionaire musicians traveling in private jets and billionaire banking heirs want modern day serfs like you to be more green.

Personally, I think the 777 concert is a crock of poop.

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3 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz and David de Rothschild

  1. I totally agree. It’s hard not to accept that fact. The Rothschilds have been in control of the financial world for centuries and there’s no doubt about that. They have dozens of mansions, private jets, hundreds of cars and yet they want all of us to “cut back” on our “green imprint”? Are they so fracking arrogant that they really think the whole world will go for it? blah, their family has had it coming to them for far too long. Can’t wait to see their empire crumble!! DOWN WITH ROTHSCHILD!!! Oh, and p.s. Cameron Diaz is a flake.

  2. Out of the two, I’d rather be stuck on a desert island with Cameron. Any Rothschild is a psychopathic eugenicist, but Cameron’s just a sweet person and a good actress with a great smile. F*ck the Rothschilds. Make love to Cameron.


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