David De Rothschild’s Global Warming Survival Guide

David Mayer De Rothschild

David De Rothschild wants you to drive and travel less. He wants you to turn down the heat during the winter. The Rothschilds live in giant palaces for frack’s sakes. Can’t they just leave us landless peons alone? These millionaire pop stars travel in private jets that produce as much carbon dioxide in one hour than me driving a year in my Yugo.

The truth is, the real message of the Live Earth concerts is it’s absolutely acceptable to be a millionaire pop-star, just so long as they get on a stage once and a while and tell the population how they should reduce their carbon footprint – hypocrisy becomes ok. The shear hypocrisy, and all of the glaring contradictions are neatly summed up by Live Earth’s highly irritating little book entitled Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook. The author of the book is the multi-millionaire David de Rothschild from the same hyper-rich Rothschild banking dynasty. The book is packed full of unbearable ideas that pussyfoot around the problem of climate change – like for example, we are told to grow our own tomatoes, and if your cold at home, wear a jumper instead of turning the heating on. The book is, to all intents and purposes, a green version of our very own Holy Bible – the only difference is the Live Earth Global Survival Handbook is produced by a guilt-ridden, plummy-mouthed aristocrat who thinks he can tell the little people how they ought to live.

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