Soon Bono Will Be Unleashed on Syria

Bono USA Jacket

Bono’s a narcissist. He wants to be photographed with the Big Boys and be part of their glory, when he’s really just a hack in a rock band. He’d do anything for a medal.

Bono the philanthropist is nothing but a crony of bankers and neocons, argues Terry Eagleton.

I’ve known of Bono since his exploits in Sarajevo. It’s not a disaster without Bono’s vainglory. Bono came as false savior for 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina as well. Now Bono comes for Syrian refugees. Bono should take these refugees into one of his many mansions. But we know that won’t happen since Bono is a hypocrite and a self absorbed NWO clown. He is the one brought into the hospital cancer ward to see the dying patient.

America hasn’t used depleted uranium in Syria. The Pentagon did a complete U turn on depleted uranium on the war in Syria. It’s just too close to shitty little israel to be made into a radioactive wasteland. So there is a silver lining to the war in Syria. Don’t expect Bono to save you knowing his track record when it comes to disaster. Bono goes from one disaster to another like a vulture. Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather. Remember Haiti? Hurricane Sandy? Wherever there is loss of life you will see Bono’s face soaking up the limelight. Just remember, it could be worse.

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12 thoughts on “Soon Bono Will Be Unleashed on Syria

  1. Bono is a false messiah dajjal. The CBS logo is one eyed. He likes to appear on that channel teaching his false doctrines to David Letterman.

  2. bono-hw-bush.jpg

    They are discussing strategy. Bono wants to know what HW’s crusader end game is. This is when HW gave Bono a medal for his loyalty to the cause. They are brothers in Christ.

  3. How can you forgive Bono’s sexploits? Bono was sexy in the past. Every young girl’s dream. He is a heart breaker. My cousins haven’t even heard of Geldof. They think I’m talking about Gandalf the wizard. Bono has Geldof revelations. He knows the reason people around Geldof die. Bono must write these revelations in a sealed envelope and put it in a safety deposit box.

  4. All the teen girls were finger banging themselves to Bono in the 90’s. When Bono was crooning on MTV selling coca cola.

  5. Bono is stalking you. He went hitchiking in Vancouver hoping you would pick him up. Then edge fell off the stage when he couldn’t find your face he was looking for. He wanted you to ride bikes with him in NYC government issue joe. He’s addicted to St. John the Divine. He can’t wait until the day you redeem him and cure AIDS in Africa. I used to be a doctor at Our Lady of Sorrows hospital. I took the hippocratic oath. AIDS can be cured with the right foods. Hippocrates words have been long forgotten and doctors are under the spell of necromancers of pharmakeia. Drugs are magic potions that don’t cure just treat symptoms. The aids is still there and getting stronger when you take the drug. To cure aids you need a diet of antiviral superfoods, coconut oil, black seed, honey, garlic, high doses of vitamin c, brazil nuts for selenium. There are anecdotal stories of getting the virus undetectable through wheat grass.


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