Les Brigandes – The Jacobin Lodge

Les Brigandes Jacobin Lodge French Maids

Watch these lovely French maids take you on a tour of the Jacobin Lodge.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity are the masonic slogans spoken of in the protocols of Zion. The girls also mention the man king of the Illuminati.

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6 thoughts on “Les Brigandes – The Jacobin Lodge

  1. The power behind the Jacobin Club was in fact the Illuminati. There is a connection between Weishaupt and Robespierre -a key figure in the creation of the Jacobin Club.

  2. jacobin-lodge-emblem.jpg

    August, 1790: The Jacobin Club grows in popularity; over 150 Jacobin affiliate clubs now exist throughout France. All citizens were allowed to enter and even foreigners were welcomed: the English writer Arthur Young joined the club in this manner on 18 January 1790. Jacobin Club meetings soon became a place for radical & rousing oratory that pushed for republicanism, widespread education, universal suffrage, separation of church and state, and other reforms. The image depicts the Jacobin emblem.


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