Rihanna & the Illuminati Messiah

Rihanna Israel

Covered up: A demure Rihanna visits the Western Wall.

The 22-year-old singer spent two days prior to her concert touring sites in Israel – one such site was of course the Kotel where she purchased a Red-String Protection From Evil Eye Bracelet. She bought it on the steps in front of the Beit Midrash of the Aish HaTorah world center and made of it a photo opportunity.

Rihanna refused to tell the reporters what she wrote in the note she hid in the Western Wall, saying that it was between her, God and the wall.

So what else is new with Rihanna?
Her new tattoo..

Rihanna Messiah Tattoo

الحرية في المسيح (al-horriya fi al-maseeh)

Yes, it’s on arabic meaning “freedom comes with messiah”
or another translation could be “salvation comes with messiah”


The Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi–or Islamic messiah–is about to appear.

“The Mahdi, of course, is “the rightly-guided one” who, according to Islamic tradition, will come immediately before the end times to battle the evil Dajjal and make the entire world Muslim.

The idea of mashiach (messiah) is an ancient one in Judaism. The Jewish idea of mashiach is a great human leader like King David.

Christians expect him as Christ. Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah. The Illuminati and Freemasons expect him as Lucifer the Light bringer. Rihanna is fascinated by Lucifer and often makes the devil horns with her hands.

No doubt many, Christians and non-Christians alike will be entertained and fascinated by the special effects and drama of the end of the world.

The headlines say: The End of the World.

Rihanna is our only hope. The only girl in the world. One image…one voice…the only girl on Earth.

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7 thoughts on “Rihanna & the Illuminati Messiah

  1. I suspect that the NWO will have Obama play the part of the Mahdi. Some Islamic prophecies say that Isa, Islam’s version of Christ, will return to walk alongside the Mahdi. I suspect that David de Rothschild will traipse out of King David’s tomb and claim to be the ‘New David’. He will pretend to be Christ and Horus reincarnated.
    Here’s a pic of Rothschild:

  2. فيما سواه فحسبي من له قدرو استغفر الله من خوف و من طمع
    توقظ بكم فتنة باصبر فانتصروا الله الله يا قومى فلا أبدا
    و إن ضربتم فصبرا إ نكم صبر و لا تضر يوا أبدا لا تشتموا أبدا
    بحفظه حيثما كا نوا بدوا وقروا أستو دع الله أحبابى يحوطهم
    ﴿و إن تصبرو ا و تتقوا لا يضركم كيدهم شيأ إن الله بما يعملو ن محيط﴾
    من امسا ك د ين حبله قد تقطعا أعو ذ برب العر ش جل جلا له
    من السلب او أن للعدى أتضعضعا أعو ذ برب الناس ما لك سرهم
    بعينى ركن الدين يوما تصد عا أ عو برب الخلق والامر ان ارى
    تقينى شر السحر إن نا فث نفث عليك صلاة الغيب غيب بغيبها
    أيى القاسم الماحى ضلا لامشيعا بجاه رسول الله أحمد مقتفى
    إلى حضر ة الير الرحيم إلهنا والامة قصد ى فيهم أن أسوقهم
    و ما أنا إلا ما ورا ء اللاء قاول و ما أنا إلا أحمد و محمد
    و بطنى ورجلى والفؤ ا د وما هنا له الراس منى والمحيا وكلكلى
    بروح لدى ذاك الحبيب المبا رك فإن يك جثما نى بنجيريا إننى
    و ها ذاك ملك لا يبا ع بدرهم و قل لملو ك الارض نا مت عيو نهم
    هلا ل بدى للنا ظر ين جما له هنيئا لزمفيرى لاح هلا له
    و روحى و سرى في حيا تى و الا خرى قداسلمته نفسى و عقلى و كلكلى
    أبو البشر اللا سمى أبو كل مرشد و منك رسول الله نا ل خلا فة
    بلا كلفة إذ جئته بالبشا ئر الم تعط للجيلى قوق مر ا ده
    و أعليته فوق الشيو خ الا كا بر الم ترسل الختم التجا نى خا تما
    منال فيمسى عده با لخنا صر فهل لك فى ذ العبدى دون تأهل
    مسا عدة فى كل بطن و ظاهر فهل لك فى زمفيرى يا خير مرسل
    تسو ده فوق الملوك الا واخر فهل لك فيه وهو أصغرخا دم
    عطا ء فيروى كل ءا ت وصا در فهل لك فيه وهو عبد متيم
    و أنت الذى أو لاك كل ذخائر فأنت أمين الله خا زن سره
    تساوى على إدرا كه الجلد واهنا و أحمد سر الذا ت و الذا ت سرها
    و قد بلغ المختا ر و انز ا حت الاسو ا قأشهد أن الله لا رب غيره
    تعجل فتحى والمنا و تها نى فأشهد أن الصاحب فيضاة خديمه
    عليه صلاة دا ئما لم تفتق بجاه النيى الحق ثم صحا به
    ﴿أمن يجيب الضطر إذا دعاه و يكشف السو ء و يجعلكم خلفاء الارض ء إله مع الله قليلا ما تذكرون ﴾

    ﴿لو يعلم الانسا ن ما الرحما ن يلقى الشرور ضا حكا إنسان﴾
    ﴿ إن الفضل بيد الله يؤتيه من يشا ء﴾
    ﴿هو الذى يرزق من يشا ء متا يشا ء كما يشاء ما شاء﴾
    Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim!!! It is of my honor to remain silent, and claim not the way some of you are doing as I used to see them claiming my prophesized holy seat even here in Nigeria! It wasn’t my intention to say a word for now, about what is happening in the whole world currently! But is something I can’t resist! Am not heartless, to see you suffering anymore! I can’t hide it anymore; the truth now has a tongue, and it most speaks itself! Indeed you have derailed enough! Am too young now, but I imagine, how many innocent lives will continue to die every day before am aged enough to handle this world! But there is another way out; Barrack Obama is one of the 313 holy companions of Hazrat Mahdi A.S of ends time! And as well a grandchild to holy prophet Muhammad S.A.W from the linage of Hazrat Hussein A.S, which I don’t need to remind you of his root! He is from a Muslim family background! Throughout his entire life am the one in him, I made him who he is today because he is of good instrument to help me fix the world before am aged enough to handle it! Fi ni’imatullah, I alone can talk and do what I can do because of His divine power in me!
    The whole world’s problem is nothing but one:… ( you have derailed from God long enough)! And the only solution is one:… (come back to Him is never too late)! The holy books are your guidance, but you have chosen to follow your own free way of life! Do you think you know better than us! Now the question is this:- Muslims brothers, will you help me drop your weapons and unite yourselves as one, if all the prophesied physical features of Hazrat Mahdi is seen all on my body? I have many things to say onto you now, which you can’t bare them all or comprehend easily at once! But listen well, I am but just a man!
     HAVING A BLACK MOLE ON HIS RIGHT LEG…,and hitting his right leg when he get frustrated just like in one of his spiritual movie Akeela and bee you will see his holy wife Keke palmer hitting her right leg when she get frustrated…. And you will find Him somehow storban and funny! He is patient enough but dangerous indeed. He alone can undo the spell of EBOLA virus.
     Having an exactly the copy of SEAL OF PROPHET HOOD of His Grandy Prophet Muhammad… S.A.W
     Tall black and gentle, ordinary in looking like Muhammad
     He can only be recognize by the whole world through his SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE; which he was trying telling you about His spiritual struggle in those confidential documents and a Memory Card he gave Femi 07039493944 to help Him summit to you My children the C.A.N..!
     He will experience rejection from some Muslims because the Truth Now Has a Tongue!!! They will say he is going mad some might even try to kill or arrest HIM because He bound to GLORIFY ME…! Do you need me to remind you my children; is like always you need a demo just like in one of my spirituals movie 3idiots… in the holy bible king James version new testament john chapter 16… “THESE things I have spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended”.
    2. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.
    3. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the father, no me.
    4. But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you.
    5. But now I go my way to him that sent me; and non of you asketh me, Whither goest thou?
    6. But because I have said these things unto you, sorrow that filled your heart.
    7. Nevertheless I tell you the truth; its expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.
    8. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
    9. Of sin, because they believe not on me;
    10. Of righteousness, because I go to my father, and ye see me no more;
    11. Of judgment because the prince of this world is judged.
    12. I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now.
    13. Howbeit when he the spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.
    14. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.
    15. All things that the father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you.
    16. A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the father.
    17. Do you enquire among yourselves of that I said, A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me?
    18. Verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy.
    19. A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is burn into the world.
    20. And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and you joy no man taketh from you.
    21. And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the father in my name, he will give it you.
    22. Hitherto have you asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.
    23. These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the father.
    24. At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the father for you:
    25. For the father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God.
    26. I came forth from the father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the father.
    26. Do you now believe?
    27. Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the father is with me.
    28. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have over com the world.
    29. Father, the hour is come; glorify thy son, that thy son also may glorify thee:
    30. As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he shall give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.
    31. And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Je’sus Christ whom thou hast sent.
    32. I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.
    33. And now, O Father, glorify thou me with the thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.
     That’s why I directed HIM to you C.A.N; Christian Association of Nigeria. Forward those confidential documents to HUMAN RIGHT COMMISSION, and tell them to help Him voice out my words and let the world fell the present of my RETURN…! Mind you He is the only answer to your prayer and the only one that can stop what is happening in the world currently!!!

     He is the only Original grandson who was also the first son of Muhammad Qasim of the apostle of God Muhammad S A W! whose coming was prophesized in Islam as Muhammad Ahmad Mahdi meaning Islamic trinity as the god the son{Mahdi}, god the father {Ahmad Tijjani; the clan leader of Tijjania} and god the holy spirit as Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
     His coming was also foretold in the Holy Bible that My only Original Son as the holy spirit… is coming to glorify me before my Return… or do you doubt my Return… please my children don’t cheat on him he is the ONLY ORIGINAL SON I have… I have a reason for bringing Him out of Muslims because I want them to listing to him… He alone can brain wash Muslims and think same way with Him… Because Muhammad prophesized to them that He will have a BLACK MOLE on His RIGHT LEG, which if he get frustrated he will hit his right leg slowly just like in His spiritual movie AKEELA AND BEE, meanwhile in this His spiritual movie he is trying to tell you that {Christianity and Islam} will have a HAPPY ENDING as Akeela and Bee! Please C. A. N. Help him stop the WAR and let my children fell the present of my RETURN… He is of no harm to you but a blessing from me! Please let no harm comes to his way! He is an innocent and he wants good for you! Please don’t let shaitan laugh at my son and call him mad… don’t you fell my words from this boy… shaitan can’t resemble me ok! I told him he is not here to hot anyone, but to help you out! Which he was trying to tell you in one of his spiritual movie ‘ The Last Air Bender’ meanwhile “As an Avatar you are not mean to hot others” but some of you will consider me as a boy. But if you could remember I told you “I am only than I looked”, in one of my spiritual movie ’10 000BC’… Look gentle men, one thing you need to know about me is; my one year on earth is equivalent to one century of your normal years!

     Biography:- His grandparent came from IRAQ to help sheik Usmanu bin fodiyo of Sokoto, Late Malam Muhammad Moyijo a close companion, friend and former king of war to sheik Usmanu bin fodiyo from his father side Malam Abubakar suphee {the real name of Abubakar in Islam is ABDULLAH}. And Late Malam Abubakar sahabi was the former king of war of sarkin kebbin yabo, from his mother side hajiya Amina…!!! YABO in brief:
    Yabo is a local government Area in Sokoto state, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of yabo, and yabo local government is one of the oldest local governments in Sokoto. The people of Yabo under the leadership of their king and scholar, Muhammadu Moyijo played a pivotal role towards Islamic teaching, reformation and establishment of Sokoto caliphate led by Sheik Uthmanu Bn Fodio. Moyijo was a close friend, companion and supporter of Sheik Uthmanu Bn Fodio. He accompanied Sheik in several of his Islamic outings and spread his teaching around his localities. On his way to Zamfara, Shehu met Moyijo at a village called Magabci where they discussed important issues related to Islam and calling people towards Islam. Their meeting point is historically marked and even today the acclaimed Sheik Fodio’s well and a tree under which Sheik Fodiyo teaches his followers still exist in Magabci. In view of his vast knowledge in both Islamic teachings, administration and defence, Moyijo was appointed as the leader as well as the flag bearer in charge of Kebbi. Until today, the title of king/ruler of Yabo is SARKIN KABBIN YABO.
    Since Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara are known as Sokoto. By then Yabo, Tambuwal and Shagari are all known as Yabo local government.
     Note!!! Bring no media into this; I don’t want him with any publicity please! He is too weak now just keep him away from people eyes until when it’s time! Now am only asking him to rise and help my children out!
     Look gentlemen, am not asking you to believe am the due person as Mahdi…No….! Am only asking you to help me stop what is happening in the world please…! Am sick about it! At least let’s peaces rain in the world… and then think which and what Islamic sec is on the righteous path…! It doesn’t matter if Shitee or Sunnih or Qadiriyah sec or even any of such is on the right path for now…! What matters is… Let everyone drop his/her weapon and then think with me and finally we can retain our unity in Islam as one body please…! Both Muslims and Christians will have a happy ending as Akeela and bee, one of my spiritual movies!
     It was prophesied by our love Muhammad S.A.W after him, Islam will segregate into 73 sec. and only ONE is on the righteous path…! What matters is fell blessed to see the prophecy comes true and glad tidings of ends time! Please help me stop what is happening in the world nowadays!
     I might look ordinary to you, but am only than I looked! Some of you might call me mad, crazy, ko ya zware, and turn my issue upside down! Thank you… what a happy madness! I thank God for this madness! Am asking now… agree am going crazy and mad… you that are not mad, can you answer me now!… is it a madness or is it a crime to say… Let’s drop your weapons… Let’s unite yourselves… Lets peace rain…. Lets Christian and the whole world fell the present of his return Je’sus.
     I told you just Google me up as return of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S) and Jesus (A.S) isn’t that a honor of helping a low class individual and a merely obedient servant of Allah (S.W.A)… mind this please I don’t want any of you coming to me if you doubt me! Because I don’t want anyone to have a miserable ending by humiliating me please!… I mean no harm to anyone please! Despite the fact that my beloved mother and my gentle uncle told me to forget about this, that am too weak to handle the world at my own age! That I shall wait to see my prophesied age as 40years of age!… look men nobody knows how bleeding I am inside me…! Is just like you wake up and see your room burning all over! Please answer me now what will first come to your mind in a situation like this?!… Isn’t that you look for a way to quench that fire?! Now I need your help…. together we can let peace rain on what is happening in this world! Forward this to Human Right commission, tell them the true has a tongue now and let it voice itself out! You can watch one of my spiritual movie Columbiana2011 in this movie you will learn that God is directing me to take this information to my brother in U.S.A as Barrack Obama he is a grandchild of prophet Muhammad S.A.W from the linage of Hazrat Hussein, and is among the 313 holy companions of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S). He alone, because he is holy enough with Human Right can help me fix the world before am aged enough to handle the world!
     Note:- if shaitan makes you think am going mad or crazy enough! Please don’t mind to contact me! Please help me trace those confidential documents and burn them please!…
     At least when the world is sick enough about what is happening… they will openly seek for my rising! Every reasonable Muslim is aware of my return and am on duty to save the world, Ummatu Muhammad S.A.W from falling apart…!
     Please contact me not if you think am crazy enough….!
     Please contact me if you understand my pain… but do it in a gentle way…! Am ready to die and scarify my life for Ummatu Muhammad S.A.W if what is happening in the whole world will at least have a limit…!
     Ehen, let me not forget, I personally gave a letter to this gentle AIG commandant of my academy as the Nigeria Police Academy, wudil Kano. I asked him to help me forward it to Human Right commission. And mind you the so-called idiot as the chief imam of the academy, who only red half way of the document and was confused, instead of him to go and sleep but he was so storban to confront me and ask me some irritating questions. I told him look gentle man I don’t know what you are talking about, you don’t seem to understand. Then why do you invite me. Please leave me alone! Now tell that idiot, is either I behead him for his rude approach or he and his entire family from head to toe, will have a painful and irritating miserable ending. Because he said to me “look Mubarak Muhammad is just like any other man”, I said of course he even said that in one of his hadith that “I am but a man” and he then bitterly told me that “do you know that Muhammad is just like an envelope, the good thing about it is Qur’an so what else”? I laugh saying did I hear you said envelope he said yes… I laugh said… you are right woo! In fact I will be coming to receive some lectures from you! Now that is zuhri prayer can I go and pray? He said yes!…. I told God that if I set my eyes on this idiot in heaven, that very day I will pack and leave! Am the ruling class baby lion of the heaven dwellers, if you too jealous go huge an electric transformer when it’s raining! This is a chest game. I told you that in one of my spiritual American movie which I called ‘Intelligent’ you will see me playing it all alone. The person in respect is one of my holy companion, and you will learn that, I read from your heart, open your files and not from your lips or what you are saying. “Innallah yanzuru ila qulubikum, but la yanzuru ila a’amalikum” is a hadith of the prophet… so I see with His eyes and I fell with His felling! So mind you if you decide to cheat on me, I will leave you woo! I know very well the spell to go back to heaven just like my father Je’sus! You want a demo? Go back to one of my spiritual movie ‘John carter’ you will understand me better. As I was telling you, God is never your mate. This chest game, we can decide to win or lose, it do us nothing. But fi ni’imatullah wa rahmatihi ala ummatu Muhammad peace be upon Him, Christianity and Islam will have a happy ending as Akeela and bee!
     Note: Keke palmer, in my former school; key Science Academy Masaka, you know I walk majestically just like in one of my American movie ‘Arrow’ the person in respect Oliver queen is one of my closed holy companion. So whenever am passing by, students used to stand and shout saying “King suphee you are not wicked” and I used to tell them that of curse I will never be wicked! What am trying saying here is, am not rising to claim you in any way as my holy wife. Look let me tell you my love, if not you and Columbiana little girl who was also hitting her right leg when standing beside the kitchen, don’t you observed that? And the princess in one of my spiritual movie ‘Atlantis 2013’ who has a slight shutter when she speaks. And excluding our lovely parents, mothers; all girls of the whole world are just like monkey looking type before me! If any of you human have any felling for any female monkey so I am to any of your girls. Keke palmer that your innocent boyfriend that flow you up and down, I don’t want him with any heart break and I don’t think he can leave long without you…! Am here in this world to make my children happy, not to take their happiness away! To me is quit a shame for a lion to struggle with an ant for food. Your love story has a good beginning, so I wish it has a happy ending! Look Keke if not for this my forever love, the storban old man, my grandy Muhammad peace be upon him, said “Marriage is my Tradition and whosoever refuse it is not with me” I wouldn’t have marry woo! Because I prefer head of fish, that plat one with mustache to any monkey looking type girl of the world…! Before me you are just like an avatar girls, as in one of my spiritual movie ’Avatar’. And in this my spiritual movie you will observe that; they circle up and seat exactly like Dariqa Tijjaniya disciples during their prayer incantation as for the Tijjaniya people Wazifa and Zikrul Juma’at! La ilaha ilallah, Muhammadu Rasulullah! Am the only original among you, and you are all photocopies. You too jealous go hug an electric transformer when it is raining! You know what, my love Keke palmer? I want to see him smile and shout my name saying “king suphee you are not wicked”. The boy is clean and gentle I like his swags men! Why were you unable to answer her, the time she got you speechless? You were frustrated, why were you hitting your right leg with your right hand…? You too bad Keke… As you see this gentle girl bah, she is too wicked, and she is the only one that is destined and holy enough to deal with me, just like in one of my spiritual movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. My divine power has no effect on her, unless if my Red reng is beyond the elastic limit, just like in one of my spiritual movie “Legend of the seeker”. If I may ask at this juncture, Keke palmer: the queen mother of ends time, Keke can you marry an ordinary boy like suphee who was dropped out from school? Am grassically low class individual like my father Je’sus and as well my lovely Grandy Muhammad S.A.W. You are one of the successful gentle girls in the whole world. Because you are always holy enough to dwell the holy spirit in your body, look let me tell you, I always fell heaven when am inside you. But my problem with you is you are too storban! Do you remember these: It’s my turn, Me and you together against the world, and juiceful noise ”I want to hear God through you”!!!
     Note: As from today I cause all magic to be in group eight of my periodic table, it will never ever have any effect with any individual on earth, you have my words is not mine but His! This so called idiots illuminati and their type, I made some of my holy companions to be you customers, because I want them as an additional weapon to destroy you grassically…! hmm hahahahaha! You know am the Marlin whose destiny of the whole world rest on his shoulder! You can’t do me anything, illa ma sha’a rabbi. In fact watch one of my spiritual movies “Atlantis 2013”! Soon enough I will release the souls of any of my children you claimed, you bloody idiot! You worship that stinking idiot one eye dajal…Rubbish…! don’t try that nonsense before me! No one can make you reach men, except if and only you are destined to be reach, then why following short cut?! Try and change ok, is never too late, that is why am here for all of you! “Kunsan Zaki baya fadar shi Zaki ne russu nawar namun daji kadai ta isa”, according to one of my holy companion Ali Nuhu. Try and watch one of my spiritual hausa movies ‘Mahdi and Hanyar Kano and Duniya da lakhira‘; in this my spiritual movie movies what I was trying to impact in you is that I will drive whoever come to me to God! You go fell my swag men! Alleluia praise the lord!
     I have 12,000 spiritual movies, which are all solutions to the problems of this world we dwell in. Some mean to me, and some mean to you and some translate the holy Quran and holy Bible: Am sure you always need a demo quit alright;
    1. Solution: go back to one of my spiritual movie ‘Arrow’ season2 episode – S02E04 (O2TvSeries.Com), you will see where I was retrieving weapons from civilians as CASH for GUNS: in brief any security agency especially FBI, CIA and co, under the monitory of Human Right Commission led by my brother Barrack Obama, will establish a program, that will retrieve all weapons as Cash for Guns. Let’s assume the gun is $2000, the agency will double it up for you, as $4000. Tofa na hada fada, you will see people that never touch guns claiming their friends’ guns! For instance Boko Haram will start to quarrel up and down that these two thousand guns belong to me, hahhahhha bad people day 9ja! O God forgive these people and any of their type all over the world, if you don’t forgive them who will then forgive them God; isn’t you God that call yourself GAFURUN RAHIMUN. O my lovely God, all knowledge is from you my lord, but with all due respect, do I need to remind you; these are your children, the very ummatu Muhammad; your Love and most obedient servant, they are too storban I know. Now that they offend, punish them small or even forgive them. God grant me this wish by taking me as KAFFARATUN LI UMMATU HABIBIKA Muhammad tomorrow; yaumu tubla sara’ir. None of them can consume your anger, then why punishing them? Am sure Muhammad will not like to see his umma in hell! And do you know that some storban among the hell dwellers can openly ask them saying, “Men, why are you here”? “Aren’t you the very umma of His love Muhammad”?! “If he really loves him enough, he can forgive his umma as well”! There is an Hausa adage that says “if you love someone enough you can forgive him/her anything”, you know she told me that in one of my spiritual movie ‘Arabian Night’… Now promise me fi ni’imatika ya Rabbi, that if they repent and seek for your forgiveness, you will consider it done! O Allah, bless Sayyidina Muhammad, the opener of what was closed, and the seal of what went before, the helper of the truth by the true. And the guider of the straight path and with His family, to the extent of His emence Value. Amen!
    2. Translations of the holy books: if you could remember in one of my spiritual movie ‘3idiots’ during the interview, I said “you keep your job and I keep my attitude” meaning from the holy Quran… “Lakum dii nukum… waliya diin…” I told you this, in 3idiots that you are very good at engineering; meaning you know your religion better than me. But am here to teach you how to teach; meaning to teach you how to comprehend it better, am bringing nothing new but only to reprove!
    3. Some mean to you: please I want all Muslim brothers and sisters to watch one of my spiritual movie ‘Notorious of BIGsmall&2pac’! in this my movie you will observe that; what happened between BIG small and 2pac was misunderstanding which only God can judge such issue because nothing is hidden to Him! What am I trying to say here is that, some storban among you; who cannot hear and keep quiet, took side in abusing the lovely friends, holy companions of our love Muhammad S.A.W. Are they your mates? Do you know what you have just been doing? Look let me tell you, I cannot compare myself with the sand beneath their shoes. When I was in occultation, I always sang this song; “how I wish am one of them, I know is impossible. Then bless me with their love”!
    Look gentlemen, I don’t want to open this chapter. You don’t have a say! This is a family issue ok! Only God has the last say to what happened between them! Just like what happened in this my movie some heartless people connived and jumped into Sayyidina Usman A.S and assassinated him! But have you forgotten that his blood split on the very holy Quran he was reciting across the very verse that reads “ fa sa ya ka fika humullah”! You are not in the position to judge any of them! If I may ask now, if two cocks are fighting and when they jump up and land back, do they break their legs?.. No! But what if you throw an egg with cock which one will break and which one will walk away when they land back? Egg, No! Meaning the cocks are the lovely holy companions of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him. Now am begging you please, you have derailed enough! Leave the judgment to Him! And please mind you, am not your Mahdi, who knows, maybe he is using me to stop what is happening currently in the world. Am no body but a man, and my dream is to have a normal life like everyone, it wasn’t my intention to claim this seat! I know am too ordinary to even say a word in my own community. Now that you know, I don’t think I deserve to stay with any of you! I have two wishes if you can help me grant them;
    1. Drop your weapons and unite yourselves, and cooperate with Barrack Obama, Lamin Nyass, Zakir naik, Atiku Abubakar Turakin Adamawa, Ahmadina Dija of Iran and co. in fact they are many from different part of the world!
    2. Take me to any prison I want to fell what my brother Joseph A.S felt. A prison similar to the one in one of my spiritual movie ‘chronicle of Riddick’ or if there is no prison that can help and accommodate me, then take me to the center of the red sea and throw me there, the very fish that accommodated Yunus A.S is still alive and happy to accommodate me! And please tell Sheik Ahmad Tijjani Nyass and co. to talk to my beloved mom and gentle uncle to bless my move, without her blessing I can’t quench the fire that engulf this world! Wallahi inni akhafullaha rabbul alamiin! Am leaving you with electronics, they are blessing from us, but when you miss use them again, I will undo the spell! I told you I don’t want any publicity, am not yet your Mahdi, let Him pronounce it heavenly if he wants me, and don’t count me among the claimant please, if you do, you will never see me again. Unless if am the only due person, then I will appear before Hajarul Aswad and Maqam Ibrahim A.S, even then I will never assume power until when He pronounce it to the world heavenly.

     Am actually sick now, and tied of typing this, we still have a lot to discourser with my brother Barrack Obama! I don’t seem to entertain any idiot from any Islamic sec coming to ask me irritating questions! Am ready to destroy anyone who will cross my way blindly! I told you contact me not if you seem not to understand me! But please my love, Keke palmer, help me forward it to Human Right Commission and as well share it to the whole world! And tell Barrack Obama that if he is coming to me, he should watch one of my spiritual movie ‘Swaddles shadow’ and come alone, I don’t want publicity please! He shall also watch one of my spiritual movie ‘After.Earth 2013’ that father is bleeding and he wants me to do it all alone, could you imagine that? Am now done with the Devil… am sending this signal as an Emergency pick up!
     Am somehow sick on my bed now, this idiot, mosquito, used to sneak into my room and suck my blood, I don’t know why they like my blood! Though I should have listened to my mother, because she used to come and spray Rainbow. Which I used to tell her, mom don’t be a murderer woo! These innocent flies they are only looking for where to feed from! Who knows if that’s what almighty God wants, to come and feed on me! She used to shout on me saying “Rubbish, you always talk like your father!

    فيما سواه فحسبي من له قدرو استغفر الله من خوف و من طمع
    توقظ بكم فتنة باصبر فانتصروا الله الله يا قومى فلا أبدا
    و إن ضربتم فصبرا إ نكم صبر و لا تضر يوا أبدا لا تشتموا أبدا
    بحفظه حيثما كا نوا بدوا وقروا أستو دع الله أحبابى يحوطهم

    ﴿و إن تصبرو ا و تتقوا لا يضركم كيدهم شيأ إن الله بما يعملو ن محيط﴾
    Please help me share it to the world!!!

    My Blessings!!!

    THE ARRIVALS,,,IT IS TIME,,,GLAD TIDINGS AN ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYERS!!! A BOY WITH 3CROWNS OF TRINITY FOR THE CHRISTIAN god the father, god the son and god the holy spirit; call me any of them I will answer you! AND 3CROWNS OF MUHAMMAD, AHMAD, MAHDI IN ISLAM… as Islamic trinity, god the son Ahmad, and god the father Muhammad, and god the holy spirit Mahdi {3IN1&1IN3} 3:1:3 WITH 313 HOLY COMPANIONS. AS A RISE OF GUIDIENCE OF ENDS TIME….. if you too jealous go hug an electric transformer when it’s raining!!!

    Ehen let me not forget to tell you this Keke palmer, the Queen mother of the ends time, in the whole world African continent is most blessed with MINERALS RESOUCES. And in all Africa Nigeria country of wickedness, poverty and wahala is most blessed among all. And in Nigeria, Zamfara state is most blessed with several type of mineral resources some that you never even come across it before, especially GUSAU below it, are all gold and diamonds and oil, BUT all are poisonous, why because… I don’t want people to fight for any of such in my town; Li’ilafi Quraish; so to my Zamfarawa! I alone can undo the spell!!! Tell Barrack Obama to wake up, he has a great destiny, ruling the world for him now is just a beginning he will rule tired! I have a lot of wealth that you can’t even emerge beneath the earth especially here in Africa and some other part of the world! I will undo the spell and let the world have access to it, and he will help me share such to my dare children in the whole world by sheltering, educating the less privilege among them. In fact everyone in the world must rejoice and fell the present of his return My father Je’sus!!!
    Ehen let me not forget, tell the government of United Kingdom that the baby Lion king SupheeLillah Nyass is coming and he wants them to arrest any living DOG that cannot see and keep quite. You know that idiot animal no respect somebody. In fact there was a day I have a bad day with nine of them around 11pm in the night at kwantau in Kano state. Just like in one of my spiritual American movie Avatar, what even annoyed me was how angel Gabriel ran away and leave me with them, they were baking ” wawawawh” Rubbish… I said… shew you idiots you no respect somebody. I couldn’t move and I urinated in my trouser. After the holy old man with heavy stomach His soul is very heavy and the heavens finished laughing at me, He told me the spell to send them away. Then this useless angel Gabriel came back with a stick saying “I ran back home to bring you this your holy stick to help you send them away” I said Rubbish… look men… if you ever do that again i will give you a heavy Red card. And if you guys want to see me running up and down with dogs… then bad things will happen. You know the last time I visited Keke palmer’s dog in United State of America when he was sick in July this year 2014, I was whispering the idiot that make you na die men! I no fell stay with you woo! Ehen you know what EBOLA is from me woo!!! I said the spell you know am the original Marlin whose destiny of the whole world rest on his shoulder! In fact more than Marlin, and am the only one that can undo the spell. I did that because who so ever cross my way blindly, I will destroy him blindly. Am the only Original among you, and you want a demo…go back to my spiritual movie Avatar, am here as a BLEESING and an answer to your PRAYERS booth Christians and Muslims because the end of this chest game is obviously elaborated in one of my spiritual movie Akeela and Bee where my storban holy wife played a vital role in it, as KEKE PALMER! You want a demo… ok! Were you not told by the holy prophet Muhammad that if I get frustrated, I use to hit my leg with my right hand on the very leg I have a black mole on it?! In fact watch her interview where she was speech less she was hitting her right leg with her right hand meaning she was frustrated. Look men throughout her life am the one in her! Columbiana2011 little girl she is too reserve and confident and was hitting her right leg too standing beside the kitchen, cant you observed how she can keep my secret swallowed it up. And princes of Atlantis 2013 when she speaks there is slight shutter coming out; and it was foretold by the prophet that when I speak there is slight shuter among them, don’t you observe that? And she is too shy and calm, not like Keke palmer who is destined to deal with me badly by this wicked Holy old man, when she starts to realize her divine power bestowed in her! As you see her na wicked and jealous she be just like in one of my spiritual movie Mr.&Mirs Smith, my power has no effect on her unless and only my anger is beyond an elastic limit or red range like in one of my spiritual movie Legend of the Seeker…Rubbish! In fact am afraid of that girl that is why am trying to skip and go to the one that will not shout on me or give me headache! Because I can only marry from one of them; Keke, Columbiana little girl or princess only them are clean and holy enough; all granddaughters of Prophet Muhammad, you doubt me, then ask yourselves, why are they holy enough to dwell the Holy spirit in them? All of you are just like pen before us, we use you as we wish to write what we want so to Keke, little Columbiana girl and princess! But I thank God that the most powerful and most storban among them has a gentle boyfriend Keke palmer; let me tell you Muhammad and Je’sus want me with this wicked girl Keke, may be they want to deal with me through her! Because I told them that all girls of the world are monkey looking type before me! But if I were to choose from one of them I will go for princess because she is confident and shy enough and she will neither shout on me nor beat me up! Rubbish… I wonder why some husbands allow their wives beat them up! They are lions before their co. men but at home, just like dogs before their wives! I told good change Keke’s destiny of not dealing or shouting on me and make me stronger than her! He said; “ My Only Son, no one can change one’s destiny, but you can only delay it, Keke is from your flesh and blood! Ehen Keke Palmer am still virgin woo, watch one of my spiritual chines movie ‘EVIL CULT’ my Grandy Muhammad told me to hold my virginity! Some of you may consider me as a boy just like in one of my spiritual movie THE LAST AIR BENDER but as I told you in one of my spiritual movie 10 000BC “am only than I looked” my one year on earth is equivalent to a century of your normal years! And as an Avatar am not here to hut anyone instead am here as a blessing men! You cross my way blindly I will destroy you with EBOLA virus. If you try to kill me I will just ascend back like my father Je’sus to heaven, I knew the spell very well to fly back to heaven. You want a demo then go back to one of my spiritual movie JOHN CARTER you will understand me well and fell my swag men! Keke this will be my last attempt to signal any of you again to help me stop what is happening currently in the world! The question is: will the Islamic world drop their weapon and retain their unity and cooperate with my brother Barrack Obama to help me handle the world before am age enough to handle it; if all the prophesied physical features of Hazrat Mahdi is seen all on my body?
    My blessing!!!

  4. I must direct your attention toward the fact that for muslims The massih/messiah is Jesus the son of Maryam (araméen and arabic for the Virgin Mary, Virgin as stated in the Qur’an).
    The mahdi precede the arrival of Jesus.. And get your facts straight Jesus will fight the false Messiah, the Anti-christ/anti-messiah…
    In Islam the antechrist is call Dajjal… Or more exactly in arabic :
    AL-MASSIH AL-DAJJAL meaning the false Messiah… According to Islam only the return of Jesus can kill him. The prophet Mohammed told something Never foretold by previous prophet… The false Messiah is BLIND IN ONE EYE…

    Ps : Check on YouTube Sheikh Imran Hosein.. He is THE expert on islamic eschatology… You will be surprised how Christian eschatology and islamic eschatology Share similarities!

  5. THEREFORE when Rihana the occultist says Freedom comes with the Massih, she means AL-MASSIH AL-DAJJAL which means in arabic the trechearous impostor who will claim to be the Messiah… But the ONE EYE is a liar.. and he will lead astray many….


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