Mindy McCready Was Murdered, Private Investigator Claims

Mindy Mcready

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Mindy McCready and her boyfriend were executed by drug dealers, and then made to look like suicide victims.

This scenario has been proposed by crime analysts after the 37-year-old country singer’s dead body was found lying on her Arkansas home’s front porch next to her shot-dead dog on February 17.


The musician know for the popular song “Guys Do It All the Time” and being on reality TV show “Celebrity Rehab” died only a month after she found her boyfriend David Wilson shot dead on the same spot.

Former Chicago cop-turned-Hollywood private investigator Paul Huebl told Globe magazine recently that he believes they were both murdered by a shooter hired by vindictive drug pushers.

“Presuming that both deaths were suicides might be letting a cold-blooded killer run free,” said Huebl.

“I hope authorities are properly investigating it.”


Huebl is the same private investigator who claimed to have security video that proves drug dealers entered Whitney Houston’s hotel room to murder her, which he submitted to the FBI in December, according to the Daily Mail.

He stated that he is disturbed by the strange “coincidence” that both McCready and Wilson would die from gunshot wounds on the same porch.

He insists Wilson did not kill himself and was murdered in-order to scare McCready with a warning to pay her drug debts.

He is also questioning the police department’s conclusions since neither of them left suicide notes, which are very common in suicides.


“Mindy told everyone she didn’t know what happened to David,” said Huebl. “She said she heard a gunshot, ran out of the house and found him dying. But was she holding back about what really happened to protect herself and her sons?”

After Wilson’s death, McCready’s family friend Dan Hanks, a private detective, said the singer said that Wilson “was trying to tell me something” during his final breaths on January 13.

“McCready told me, ‘David was grabbing me and trying to talk. Of course he couldn’t talk at that point. Half his brain was on the floor.” Hanks said.

At the time of his death, McCready’s representative said he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, but there was no mention of a suicide note.

Then, on January 29, she said “I don’t know.” when asked by Dateline TV reporter Andrea Channing asked if Wilson was murdered.

Talk about Wilson being murdered seemed to send McCready into an emotional breakdown and she entered a mental health and substance abuse treatment facility Feb. 6. Her sons were placed in foster care.

However, she left the rehab facility only 18 hours after entering. She apparently passed test indicating alcohol and drug use.

Fewer than two weeks after Wilson’s death, police officers found her shot dead on her bloody porch after they were alerted by neighbors.

“Mindy had a drug problem – and that would put her in the path of ruthless dealers demanding payment,” said Huebl after noting that she hung around a drug-using group of people.

She began her spiral into substance abuse after her career began to fail following her double-platinum debut album Ten Thousand Angels. Later she was arrested several times and served time in prison.

Wilson was reportedly helping McCready remain sober. His dead could be linked to her drug use, said Huebl.

“Even though David was due to inherit money a few weeks after his death, drug dealers don’t take IOUs,” he said.

The P.I. theorized that Wilson might have been murdered to send a message to McCready.

“It’s possible that the killer simply rang the doorbell and, when Wilson answered, gunned him down before fleeing,” he said.

Then, it was time for McCready to pay herdrug debt with her life, Huebl suggested.

“The assassin likely crept up on the house from the lake,” he said. “But he didn’t bank on the dog being there and it snarled at him when it came into view.

“The killer shot the dog and when McCready raced out to see what was happening, he shot her dead, too.

“He quickly staged to scene to make it look like suicide before fleeing.

“In this case, every effort should be made to learn what happened to one of America’s favorite country singers whose death was just the latest tragedy in her life.”

McCready wrote about a happier future before her shocking death, despite the loss of her “soulmate” Wilson.

On January 18, she wrote on Twitter that she was working on writing an autobiography and would post chapters on her website.

“I haven’t had a hit in almost a decade,” she wrote in diary form. “I’ve been beaten, sued, robbed, arrested, jailed and evicted. But I’m still here.

“With a handful of people I trust, a revived determination, and both middle fingers up in the air, I’m ready. I’ve been here before. I’m a fighter.

“I have a record deal, a reality TV show in the making…and a new clarity to accompany my devilish and ferocious work ethic.

“I’m down, but I’ll never be out.”

Several psychologists told the publication that these words are not of someone who is suicidal.


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2 thoughts on “Mindy McCready Was Murdered, Private Investigator Claims

  1. Yes, I agree she was murdered. BUT… the “detective” or whomever he is sounds like a shill for the “company” that killed her. “Drug dealers” killed her?! Come on. You can do better than that. What was she snorting, powdered gold? Like that shill said himself. They don’t take IOUs. If they fronted her drugs, why would they kill their best customer before she payed them?! After she payed them, why would they kill her? She had money, anyway. Classic misinformation technique: a little truth (murder) with the BS (the “drug dealers” did it) to throw the skeptical off the path.

  2. I had to leave a comment, man do I’ve a difficult time writing
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    its not easy at all. I really do admire people like yourself who are
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