Home Improvement Illuminati Symbols

Illuminati home improvement

Remember the show Home Improvement? It was a 90’s sitcom, set in Michigan, and starring Tim Allen. Today, its reruns can be found on TBS, during hours only I would be crazy enough be awake for. Yes, it was an awful show–only preferable to Full House, that is. But it also dabbled in Illuminati symbols.

The episode I’m referring to is “Bewitched.” It happens to be episode 6 of season 8 (“8 seasons?”…I know.). This Halloween special involved a series of pranks between Tim and his neighbor Wilson. Tim throws a Halloween party and invites Wilson as well as his mysterious date; she’s dressed as a witch. She begins acting suspicious, telling Tim she truly is a witch. Witchcraft is a common thread in Illuminati lore and this is one of those examples.

For Wilson’s final prank against Tim, he staged the witch’s sacrificial ceremony. Now, Wilson has seemingly gone missing and all that’s left is his iconic hat.

Illuminati symbols

Of course, under the hat is an Illuminati pyramid and all-seeing eye. Why would they put a symbol of freemasonry–err, I mean the United States, which supposedly represents the 13 colonies, as the foreground of some sick wicken ritual? Maybe they know something I don’t.

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