Madonna Demands all Traces of her DNA destroyed

Madonna MDNA

She’s one of the most meticulous pop stars on the planet who prides herself on her tenacity and perfectionism.

But paranoid is not a trait that her fans would label Madonna with – especially not towards them.

A report today has claimed that the Material Girl is so worried about her more obsessive fans that she orders sterile wipes of her dressing room after each show on her latest world tour.

The Mirror said that the singer has set up a ‘sterilisation team’ to clean away any traces of DNA that she might have left behind from her hair, skin or saliva.

And she is believed to have demanded that only herself and her entourage are allowed backstage and no one is allowed to even look at her dressing room once it has been made ready.

Concert promoter Alvaro Ramos, who is looking after the Portuguese leg of the tour, said: ‘We have to take extreme care.

‘In the end it is all to protect her and make her comfortable. I do understand it but it is taken to extremeness.’

The star also makes sure that her personal team build her changing room so there is no danger of anyone planting any hidden cameras.

Madonna is currenly on her MDNA world tour and has already played in Israel, Turkey, Italy and Spain and arrives in Portugal this Sunday.

She has already caused controversy by flashing her nipple in Israel and her bottom in Italy.

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