The Untimely Death of Lamya

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Lamya, #1 on the World Music Charts!

Lamya Al-Mugheiry was a Kenyan-born, British female R&B and dance music singer. She is of Omani descent. She sang back up for Duran Duran. She had a hit single called Empires.

Lamya World Music

I remember watching her on the television during the Bush administration. The song was really subversive for the time. It spoke of a new age without the American empire.

Lamya died under strange circumstances. She died from a heart attack. She was only 35 years old. The album she was developing was called Hidden in Plain Sight. Anyone familiar with occult and masonic symbols knows this phrase. The heart is a masonic symbol.

Masonic Symbols

I really thought her death was suspicious when I first heard the name of her album and her age. Who dies of a heart attack at 35? Imagine if a muslim singer reached super stardom in the West during the war on terror? I don’t think the powers that be could have such a subversive singer in the media. Maybe she had a rare disease or maybe she had a CIA induced heart attack. Anyways, it is suspicious so I’m filing this under Suspicious Deaths.

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One thought on “The Untimely Death of Lamya

  1. Very suspicious. Interesting to know what the autopsy revealed, if anything suspicious just ignored?


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