Kevin Federline: Britney Spears has Multiple Personality Disorder

In addition to his tell-all album, Kevin Federline is penning a tell-all about his hellish marriage to Britney Spears. Kevin is in chats to sell his story for $10 million, spilling his ex-wife’s lesbian desires and suspected Multiple Personality Disorder in the process. “He’s been writing things down for a long time about his tempestuous time with Britney. He’ll earn a fortune with this.” Publishing experts believe Kev could pull more than the anticipated $10 million bonanza if he plays his cards right. “A book like that would be really hot. There would definitely be a bidding war,” publisher Ron Turner reveals to Star Magazine. “When all is said and done, with advance serialization and international rights and movie rights he could get $10m, if not more.”

“Britney invited Kevin back to her bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He says they had unprotected sex their first night together,” an insider reveals to Star Magazine.

“Kevin feels that Britney suffers from a form of schizoid or multiple personality disorder.”

“Kevin says that she always wanted to get high and drunk,” Star’s insider continues. “She sometimes stayed up all night drinking and smoking.”

The book will also contain details of Brit dressing up in a French maid or nurse’s costume, and her interest in a threesome.

“It always made Kevin insecure. He wondered if Britney preferred women over men. He says that Britney wanted him to participate with her in threesomes and he never would.”

“Britney knows Kevin kept some tapes, and she’s begged him many times to destroy them.”

“Some show her in violent fits of rage. She got so out of control, she would hit him. There are so many dark moments.”

Child Abuse And Multiple Personality Disorder –

.. associated with a high incidence of physical and/or sexual abuse in childhood. … The Treatment Of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) …

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