The Rebellion of Britney Spears

Britney Spears Head Shaved

Britney Spears likes smoking cigarettes and drinking red bull. Then her doctors wonder why she is bipolar. Britney is more than bipolar though, she’s been horribly raped by Illuminati Disney Jews all her life. She’s even been raped by her own father who later took control of her entire estate. In 1999, when Hit me Baby was released, she was the guest of honor at Rothschild’s annual orgy. These days it is common knowledge that Britney is a multiple personality sex slave.

Poor Britney. She’s a good old rebel that’s just what she is and for this Jewish media circus she don’t give a damn. She wore the Zionist 666 star when she had her famous head shaving incident. She was letting the viewers know who her tormentors are; pedophiles like Disney CEO Michael Eisner and his Freemason friends.

@britneyspears If Fishman doesn’t cure your MPD I’m gonna take his kike face and make it part of the pavement. Keep rebelling Britney.

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12 thoughts on “The Rebellion of Britney Spears

  1. Oy vey! I don’t work well under pressure. Everyone is threatening me. First Jimmy now you. I should call the department of homeland security and have you arrested for being a domestic terrorist.

  2. I wouldn’t bother driving up to San Francisco to curb stomp you myself. I would send a white nationalist cell to do the dirty work for me. I have comrades all over the ‘Kwa. GET TO WORK FISHMAN!

  3. I regret telling you where Fishman lives in the chat box. Don’t hurt him. Fishman is my slave. He’s trying hard to give up crack. I think it’ll be impossible for him to give up blowjobs.

  4. Damn you Jimmy! Dirty shwarzers like you are the bane of my existence. You poison me with your crack. You tempt me with your whores. I’ll break free of your control one day. I was about to break free of you manipulation but now you’ve sicked Vinyard on me.

    @britneyspears you’ve got to quit junk food and smoking and get on megadoses of niacin B3. It’ll make your skin flush but that is perfectly normal.

  5. I remember Jaking it to Womanizer. Britney was completely naked in it. I should of sent my frozen seed to Britney’s PO box. She could of picked the strongest swimmer under a microscope and had our love child.


    I can imagine all those millions of teens locked in their rooms on Youtube jaking it spilling their seed into a Mcdonald’s kleenex. They shouldn’t flush that poop down the toilet or throw it in the trash. They should send it to the Britney Spears fan club. That’s a true fan.

  6. Your useless Fishman. Everyone has the internet. We can just google all your cures. Allopathic doctors have gone the way of the dinosaurs. I’m gonna make more youtube videos as soon as i buy a new camera. I’ll endorse all the organic products that cure disease and save the earth. That’s what the Film Actors Guild would do.

    @britneyspears This is the chocolate i want u to eat from now on:


    You can save all the endangered animals and satisfy your sweet tooth. Get the one with as much cocoa content and the least sugar in it. NO MORE RED BULL! no more orange crush. If you ever want your estate back you gotta quit smoking and doing drugs.

  7. The more sugar she eats the more niacin she’ll need to counteract it.

    Anyone can use google to be a better doctor than me. I’m a fraud. All my patients are rebelling because of the internet. *sob* It’s not fair. Soon I’ll be unemployed.

  8. Britney has been reading my revelation. Chapter 13 to be exact.


    Valentine’s date: Britney Sears and a mystery man dined at Banzai Sushi in Calabasas on Thursday night

    According to TMZ, the pair met through mutual friends, and have since enjoyed dinner and a round of golf together at the Sherwood Country Club where Britney lives.

    David is supposedly an avid golfer, so he gave her a few tips on the green, which has inspired Britney to take up membership with the private country club herself.

    On Valentine’s day, the singer and her 27-year old date had a quick bite in a Sushi restaurant, with the bill coming to a moderated $60 – paid for by David, who also left a $13 tip.

    Read more:–just-everyday-Dave.html#ixzz2LLwxKWai
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  9. Britney will keep having manic episodes as long as she smokes and eats junk food. She needs a lifestyle change. She needs to juice the vegetables and take the vitamins. Walk the walk. No doctor can make her change her bad habits.

    Dr. F

  10. Here is how Brice Taylor healed from MPD:


    Healing, Forgiveness and Mercy

    Despite the outrageous events described in her book, there is an overwhelming sense of spiritual warfare on Planet Earth, an invisible war for the lives, the free will and the souls of mankind. Mind control is one of their ultimate weapons. “I also learned that freedom is not free,” writes Brice Taylor, “and we must now stand in the battle, not through violence and war, but through knowledge, truth and love, claiming our true spiritual power and willing to stand, so our voices can be heard.”

    In a chapter of her book called “What the World Needs Now,” Brice Taylor writes that “healing spiritually, through a life such as mine, has been my ultimate challenge, and God has continued to keep my focus on this healing aspect, despite worldly opinion, which would lead me to seek in other directions.”

    Brice Taylor shares many powerful spiritual experiences. While she was attending a religion class at Pepperdine University in Malibu, she was prompted to find out what “Beatitudes” meant. When she went to the Malibu Presbyterian Church to speak to the minister, ‘the minister ushered me into his office and after I had confessed that I had been severely abused as a child, had Multiple Personality Disorder, had been forced to participate in satanic rituals where infants, children and animals were killed — and as I went on and on — he looked at me in horror and said, ‘Get down on your knees, and ask God to forgive you of your transgressions. You are a sinner.'”

    “The momemt my knees hit the floor, Jesus appeared to me and said, ‘Get up off your knees and leave. You, my child, are innocent. You have done nothing wrong.’

    Taking the authority of the Lord over this human who stood ministering in his name, I did as commanded and left. I couldn’t understand yet what Jesus was trying to help me understand. It took time for him to reassure me that those acts, committed in a programmed state, acting from other persons’ commands and not from my own free will, were not my sin.”

    ‘In the days that followed, the Lord showed me that he wanted me to stand in the name of Mercy for others who had been similarly tortured and abused.” Ending her book in a prayer for her controllers and perpetrators, she writes that “we are called to love and forgiveness.”

    “One awareness that weaves through my entire life under mind control is that the love that shown through from people’s spirits even while under mind control was never wasted, nor was it ever lost; indeed it seemed to be catalogued within me on some higher plane that never goes away.”

    Thanks for the Memories — this book of horrific crimes and coverups indeed ends on a hopeful and uplifting note. “The Holy Spirit that guides me has shown me that the outpouring of generosity in whatever form can alleviate much of the suffering and help to avert even much of the earth’s calamities and chaos, for the outpouring of love for fellow humanity heals the mass consciousness of the planet,” she writes.

    “As we unite around the world in prayer and action, we create a powerful vibration of love, a frequency that unlocks and heals the hearts of those who have yet to learn the awesome power of Christ love. We stand at the crossroads to a very important time of choice, action and giving. Instead of a One World Government, we can create a One World Healing.”

    The media has scrupulously avoided this controversial and provocative issue, even though mind control atrocities directed against innocent children are the world’s most terrible secret. Read Thanks for the Memories and decide for yourself. Knowledge is power, and the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity are exposed — as mind control victims continue to tell their stories. Bob Hope’s autobiography, by the way, is also called Thanks For the Memories, the name of his musical keynote. Imagine the confusion at bookstores when people try to order his book — and they get Brice Taylor’s memoirs instead.

  11. britney-heil.gif

    Derek is a liar Britney. Nazis invented MK-Ultra. The CIA wasps perfected it. Don’t get swallowed up by neo nazi propaganda.


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