Henry Makow: A Question of Scruples

Henry Makow

Henry Makow is a Canadian Jewish author, and the inventor of the boardgame Scruples. He has worked tirelessly in exposing the Illuminati and the Freemasons. The Canadian Jewish Congress has asked the Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Commission to suppress many of his articles.

Read them while you can, before the New World Order Global Gulag shuts down the internet.

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2 thoughts on “Henry Makow: A Question of Scruples

  1. Henry Makow hates women and all things feminine. He uses the word, “heterosexually challenged” the same way most 10 year old boys do, as a form of derogotory to describe what is undesirable to him, you know, like women. “All porn is heterosexually challenged.” I am no advocate for pornography but certainly there is some porn that does not feature “heterosexually challenged” sex or sodomy. His site is called SAVE THE MALES (for himself?) for crying out loud. What about the females? “Sexism is heterosexuality.” No wonder he was single for so long. The woman who married him must have been DESPERATE. He blames the demise of the family on feminism but never holds the men who leave their wives and chidlren or never propose marriage in the first place responsible. Your site is just as hate and fear-based as his. If great minds think alike, then certainly stunted ones do too.

  2. On December 21st, 2012 the world is supposed to change from a patriarchial society to a matriarchal society ruled by modern day witchs like Lady Gaga.


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