Oprah vs Skinheads 1988

This is the Oprah episode that made her quit shock television. Later she had a few skinheads on 23 years later to recant and purge themselves of their evil racist thoughts. This communist/fascist conflict is classic Hegelian dialectic. The raised fist of communism versus the roman salute of the European Empire. This conflict has continued since the second world war without abatement.

It’s interesting that Oprah stopped making “trash” TV after this episode because the skinheads accused her of degrading blacks. They called into question who financed Oprah’s show and who her “master” was. If you read supermarket tabloids like the National Enquirer Oprah is rumored to be in a lesbian relationship with her best friend Gayle. Her masonic master is Stedman Graham who lurks in the shadows overseeing Oprah’s media empire. I don’t think it’s a lesbian relationship with Gayle but more of a double team to keep Stedman at bay. I’ve read Stedman’s bio and he seems to be part of the Prince Hall network of black Freemasons. The black males are trying to stop the Jewish Illuminati media monopolists from picking at the corpse of Oprah’s empire. The amount of lawsuits Oprah receives is staggering. These Illuminati Jews could easily swallow up her billion dollars in legal fees alone.

Oprah’s new project is OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), which spells NWO backwards much like her HARPO production company. I don’t know why Oprah is putting her money into television. Nobody young watches it anymore. TV is only for geriatrics and the mentally challenged.

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One thought on “Oprah vs Skinheads 1988

  1. I am from chicago, born and raised, and have put up with narcissist devil, since her ugly fat ass rolled into town I have never went to a show of its, I tried to watch her show, but I hated everything she said, and did, the over promotion of ass kissing for these fake ass celebrities, on her show, I am so glad that this broad’s reign ass queen of the assholes is finally over, I think I will throw a party 25 days long the broad is gone, and her cable show is failing on own, or nwo tv. yes.


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