Guy Ritchie Interviews Bob and Zoh

Guy Ritchie

Filmaker Guy Ritchie (yes, Madonna’s husband) contacted us this summer saying he’d picked up a copy of Founding Fathers, Secret Societies and found it most intriguing. After chatting with Dr. Bob for an hour about the Great Seal and the Kabbalah, Bob put him on the phone with Zoh, since she’s the Kabalah expert in the family.

A few days later they were on their way to New York City to meet Guy and spend a few hours filming their conversations for his new documentary on spirituality and secrets. He was most intrigued by the repetition of the number 13 on the design of the one dollar bill.

American Dollar Bill

We also connected Guy to our good friend, David Ovason, who got to meet with both Guy and Madonna a few days later in London. Ovason observed how difficult it must be to have such deep interest in these arcane matters while carrying the karma of living “so much in the forefront of a public life which, in the present age, has been so carefully designed to pull the soul towards superficial ephemera..”

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